QC Makerspace – Two Exhibitions of Maker-Made Math Art on Display

If you’re at Rosenthal Library this semester, be sure to pad your visit with some time to view two display cases containing maker-made math art.

The contents of both vitrines were fabricated by students of Christopher Hanusa, Professor of Mathematics, during the Fall’21 semester – students of MATH 128 “Mathematical Design” and MATH 250 “Mathematical Computing.” Both classes were also participants in the Make STEAM Q project, an initiative supported by the National Science Foundation.

The sign for MATH 128 (the featured image seen above) reads, “This artwork was created digitally using math and software and then was realized physically using machines in the Queens College Makerspace including the laser cutter, embroidery machine, AxiDraw plotter, and 3D printer.” These excellent artworks showcase the diversity of output options available in the Makerspace in Rosenthal Library. This cabinet also contains a “tattoo” (on fake skin) that must be seen to be believed!

MATH 250 “Mathematical Computing” Exhibit

Just down the hall, you’ll find the other display case for MATH 250. The sign reads, “The artwork was created algorithmically using the computational software Mathematica and then 3D printed in steel, nylon, sandstone, and base metals by Shapeways.” Some plastic prints were also done in the QC Makerspace. And we cannot emphasize enough how cool it is that these objects were created algorithmically. They were not ‘designed’ in the classic sense of the word – but instead created using algorithms and math!

I’m intentionally not showing close-ups of the art in order to encourage you to swing by and see it for yourself. Many of the details, the light refraction on metal, the markers layered by a robotic arm, must be seen in person to be truly appreciated. After you enter the library head through the atrium, around the staircase, and you’ll find the display cases in that corridor:

Queens College Libraries 3rd Floor Map to the Makerspace Exhibits

And if you’re curious to know more about our Makerspace facility check out our website and book an appointment!

QC Makerspace Open by Appointment

Calling all QC tinkerers, crafters, re-users, and makers: The QC Makerspace, a hands-on learning lab inside the Benjamin Rosenthal Library, is now OPEN by appointment on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays throughout the Spring semester. Be sure to make an appointment at least a day in advance. After making an appointment, you’ll receive an invitation to campus with information about the QC health screening process. Then come in a build something! 

In the Makerspace you can explore and access equipment you probably won’t have access to elsewhere: 3D printing hardware and software, various hand tools and power tools, electronics components, and digital fashion equipment. 

For more information, check out the QC Makerspace website: http://qcmaker.space/