QC Makerspace Open by Appointment

Calling all QC tinkerers, crafters, re-users, and makers: The QC Makerspace, a hands-on learning lab inside the Benjamin Rosenthal Library, is now OPEN by appointment on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays throughout the Spring semester. Be sure to make an appointment at least a day in advance. After making an appointment, you’ll receive an invitation to campus with information about the QC health screening process. Then come in a build something! 

In the Makerspace you can explore and access equipment you probably won’t have access to elsewhere: 3D printing hardware and software, various hand tools and power tools, electronics components, and digital fashion equipment. 

For more information, check out the QC Makerspace website: http://qcmaker.space/  

Makerspace presents: Mending Mondays

The QC Makerspace will be launching another round of Mending Mondays events throughout the 2019-20 academic year. These dates will include:

      • October 7
      • November 4
      • December 2
      • January 6, 2020
      • February 3
      • March 2
      • April 6
      • May 4

Stop by the Makerspace in Rosenthal 101 to learn how to fix stuff.

Mending Mondays AY 19-20 dates