Reserves Information for Faculty


As part of our Reserves / Course Content support, the Reserves collection makes available to students required course materials assigned by Queens College faculty. An E-Reserves course site is created for any material that faculty ask to be placed on Reserves. 

Reserves Request Forms: Quick Access

  • E-Reserves Request: You can ask for required materials, such as ebooks, e-book chapters, scanned book chapters, articles, streaming videos, or other online materials. 
  • NOTE: This all-in-one form can be used for any kind of item. Most fields in the form are required, but you may type “NA” in any fields that are “Not Applicable” to your citation. 
  • Reserves Renewal Request: ask us to re-use Reserves material from a previous semester 
  • Course Management Application: apply to manage your E-Reserves course site yourself 
  • Student Papers Request: obtain student permission to share their work with course students 

Material which CAN be placed on Reserves

  • E-Books
  • Scanned Book Chapters (hard copies, PDFs, or full-text links)
  • Articles (PDFs, or full-text links)
  • Streaming Videos
  • Instructor’s Course Material: Syllabus, Assignments, etc.
  • Student Papers: You must complete a Student Papers Request that registers the student’s permission and your responsibility for the paper’s course use

Material which CANNOT be placed on Reserves

  • Interlibrary Loan books
  • Library periodical issues or volumes
  • Scans of an entire book

How to request material be placed on Reserves

For your course materials to be processed and made available to your students at the start of the semester, please follow these submission Guidelines and Deadlines:


  • One E-Reserves Request form (see the instructions above) must be submitted for each item, and should include:
    • as complete a citation as possible
    • your start visibility date when it should be available for student use
  • You must submit your course Syllabus (PDF or Doc file) via email to:
  • If you submit PDFs of scanned material they must be very good quality, and include a complete citation clearly visible on the first page


Please note that it may take extra time to locate or recall physical Library material. New orders for ebooks or streaming videos may also require a few weeks to process. Requests submitted after deadlines will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Summer I Semester: May 29, 2024
  • Summer II Semester: June 21, 2024
  • Fall Semester: August 16, 2024

E-Reserves Course Management by the Library

The Library will place material on an E-Reserves site we maintain at your request as the course instructor. Reserves materials are for the educational use of students in the course. The Library will follow the current CUNY guidelines for Fair Use and Copyright: Librarians

  • Free electronic access will be limited to the course instructor and students
  • A copyright notice for scanned electronic material will be applied to each item
  • Material will be removed from E-Reserves at the end of the semester, unless the course is renewed with a Reserves Renewal Request.

Password Protection

  • We will assign every course page a password and share it with you
  • You will need to inform your students of the password
  • Library personnel are NOT permitted to share passwords with students

E-Reserves Course Management by You

Questions and Help

For help with managing your E-Reserves site or making links to E-Reserves material from your Blackboard or LMS course site, or for questions about Reserves requests or renewals, contact our Reserves Specialists, Alida Marcu or Angelica Diaz.

For information about Open Educational Resources (OER) or Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC), see our OER/ZTC Guide , or contact our OER/ZTC Coordinator Leila Walker

For other questions or help, email Reserves / Course Content at