a place for all to tinker, craft, make, design, & learn

a hands-on learning lab serving the community of Queens College, CUNY

a place for all to tinker, craft, make, design, & learn

Re: COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) and QC, Rosenthal Library and the Makerspace are currently CLOSED – be sure to see the LIBRARY HOMEPAGE (or Twitter) for any updates.

#QCmakers we understand this is a daunting time, and you’re looking for a lot of help from places that might not currently be accessible or open. We’ll add resources below to keep you engaged with maker learning, and content, until we can return to daily operations in the lab. GOOD LUCK!

All CUNY students can now download Adobe Creative Cloud applications to personal devices – this is huge! Visit https://creativecloud.adobe.com/ and use your CUNY login to authenticate and select the CC applications to install.

Design Academy from Autodesk is a great place to explore the world of CAD & CAM. With dozens and dozens of courses to choose from, you can filter them by software, complexity, even career path − from simple, beginner-friendly courses like this Introduction to CAD to Generative Design. 

LinkedIn Learning have how-to videos for everything from 3D-printing to electronics and more. For instance they have 84 videos alone with the tag ‘TinkerCAD’! And as a #QCmaker you have free and unrestricted access to their database of videos & webinars (by using your @qc.cuny.edu email address).

VitalSource are providing lots of free emergency etexts from various providers through May 25th via their Bookshelf service: https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/

You browse their collection, and add titles to your Library; they have a simple, responsive reader that includes citation, formatting, and read-aloud functionalities.

We’re currently browsing Rafiq Noorani’s 3D Printing text.

JSTOR is a phenominally rich resource – definitely take advantage of your access to their database while you are a student! Their repository includes research reports, journal articles, book chapters, and more – all searchable by date, subject matter, etc. Simply “log in through your library” – type in Queens College, click ‘login,’ and enter your Barcode. JSTOR already provide incredible Open Content with your academic credentials, and additional publishers are stepping up in this time of need.

(Artists: be sure to check out their partner site Artstor – over 1.3m images!)

The QC Makerspace is located in the Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library, Floor 1, Room 101.

Hours for the SPRING’20 semester are:






We are closed on the weekends.

Please note the following scheduled closures:

on these MONDAYs we will open at 12-noon:

February 10, March 9, April 6, May 11

April 8-April 16 we will be ‘by appointment only’ during Spring Recess

Inspired by “the maker movement,” our makerspace provides a place to learn new skills as well as a forum for sharing and exchanging ideas with others.

How It Works:

① Request Orientation

Attend a “Safety Guide” Orientation session which grants you access to the makerspace.

Work in the Makerspace

Spend time in the makerspace exploring our resources and equipment.

③ “Make” New Things

Learn new skills, bring something novel into the world, and meet your peers along the way!

Now that you know “how it works” you can sign up for one of our “Safety Guide” Orientation sessions via our Calendar of Events.

Orientations are usually offered at “Free Hour” on Monday and Wednesday.

Additional appointments will be made available; check back routinely for flexible dates.

Dates are typically scheduled 2-3 weeks in advance pending staff availability.

Read our Safety Guide

To access the QC Makerspace you must confirm you have read our Safety Guide.

The Safety Guide is succinct and laser-focused on top-level issues of safety. It is complemented by our Best Practices Guide, coming soon.

Our “membership” is growing each week. To date the following number of Queens College students (and faculty/staff) have undergone Orientation and can consider themselves #QCMakers members!

the Makerspace team is:

Lillian Carrera

College Assistant

Nick Normal

Head of QC Makerspace

Piphat Cheng

Student Aide

the Makerspace is located in the Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library, Floor 1, Room 101

*Students: you MUST email us from your @qmail account.