Students in library
  • All six levels in Rosenthal Library are open as study areas throughout the semester. (During finals, certain floors may be closed off for the 24-hour period.) 
  • Library stacks are open for browsing during normal visiting hours.  
  • Desktop computers and printing services are located in the Computer Commons area on level 2. Please consult our Computers & Printing section.
  • Study carrels for individual Quiet Study are located on levels 4 and 5.

Library Classrooms for Instructional Use

Please visit our Classroom Information page for details about available classrooms in Rosenthal. For booking information, please visit our Instructional Services page. 

Study Carrels for Individual Quiet Study

Study carrels for individual Quiet Study are located on levels 4 and 5. As of Fall 2023, study carrels are no longer used as Zoom rooms.

Respect the Quiet Study policy – if you need to talk, move to levels 3 (Main floor), 2, or 1 which have many comfortable places to talk and collaborate.

Study Carrels: Available

We have approximately sixty carrels in total. More than half are currently available, the rest are closed for renovation.

  • Carrels are first-come-first-served and do not require a reservation
  • Quiet Study is expected inside the study carrels and in open areas
  • Do not talk on cell phones or other electronic devices – personal headphones must be used when listening to audio/video devices

Study Carrels: Not Available

Some study carrels are closed for renovation. Renovations will continue through Spring 2024, so students should expect a portion of the carrels to be inaccessible until the renovations are completed.

Check here for periodic updates as the renovation work progresses.

Master Space Plan

Master Space Plan
Our Master Space Plan