Instructional Services and Space Management

This form is to be used by instructors to schedule library instruction sessions.

The Instructional Services Program provides a variety of instructional opportunities to assist Queens College students and faculty in locating, using and evaluating information effectively. To request instruction, please complete this form:


A calendar of library instruction sessions is available for consultation. We ask that Queens College faculty please read our guidelines on scheduling a library session for your class.

Classroom Policies

The Library has several teaching spaces to accommodate different size classes and modes of instruction. Faculty who wish to use of these spaces on a limited basis should read first our Classroom Policies.

LIBR 100

The Library Faculty instructors teach every semester an undergraduate, 8 week, 1-credit elective course called LIBR 100: Information Literacy. Students learn to access and retrieve information using a variety of print and electronic resources.

LIBR 170

The Library department will offer this 3-credit course once every spring, semester called LIBR 170: Writing and Library Research Methods. It fulfills the College Writing 2 requirement. The topic will change each time.

Instructional Services Office (RO 224) is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 2pm.

Classroom Policies

Rosenthal Library has seven classrooms designated specifically for teaching: three computer classrooms (101A, 225, and 227) and four instruction spaces that do not include student stations (223, 300i [the Tanenbaum Room], 331, and 444). Please note that this policy applies only to classrooms in Rosenthal Library. Library classrooms are scheduled not by the Registrar but through Instructional Services.


Classrooms will be used primarily for instruction. They will be scheduled using the following priority:

  • The Library’s credit courses, including courses cross-listed with another department
  • Library instruction to QC undergraduate and graduate courses, arranged through Instructional Services
  • Library workshops for students and faculty
  • Library staff and faculty training
  • Queens College credit courses not offered by the Library
  • Townsend Harris high school classes
  • Classes or workshops for external groups, arranged through Instructional Services
  • Meetings among Library faculty and staff
  • Researchers using specialized library materials

Any other groups wishing to meet in the library should contact the Events office to schedule the President’s Conference Rooms.

The Tanenbaum Room, 300i, was designed and built with archives and special collections in mind. Therefore, courses and workshops offered as part of the Library’s Archives and Special Collections program, or for the Certificate in Archives and Preservation of Cultural Materials, will be given preference in that room.

Once credit courses have been scheduled for a room, they may not be pre-empted by any other event.

Scheduling Procedure

Rooms must be scheduled through Instructional Services. Rooms may be requested by email, in person, or by telephone.

Scheduled rooms will be recorded in the calendar, and will also be confirmed by email. The email will provide additional documentation that the room was scheduled.

Requests for Librarian-Led Instruction

Faculty interested in librarian-led instruction for their courses may contact Instructional Services or the appropriate subject specialist. Requests for English 110 classes should be made through the Instructional Services office.

When requesting librarian-led instruction, please contact us at least two weeks beforehand. You will need to provide information about your class, including: its department and number (e.g. English 110), dates requested, and the number of students in your class. The librarian working with your class will request a copy of your syllabus and information about students’ current assignment, so please be ready to share this information.

QC Faculty Room Use Policy

Queens College academic courses requiring use of a computer classroom 1–2 times in a semester may schedule a class, provided the class does not conflict with other scheduled events. Contact the Library’s Instructional Services Office or check the calendar for room availability. Such classes should be scheduled no more than one week in advance.

Besides Archives-related courses in 300i, as described above, semester-long classes will be scheduled in Library classrooms only at the Library’s discretion and on a very limited basis, not as a substitute for Registrar-assigned class space. Any hybrid classes, or other classes with irregular schedules, must provide their exact meeting dates before the room is scheduled.