Music Library Services

Multimedia Services

Listening & Viewing Stations

In addition to our computers, some of which are capable of playing CDs and DVDs, the Music Library also has a number of listening stations that allow patrons to listen to CDs, LPs and VHS tapes. These listening and viewing stations are located on the lower level. There is one CD/LP player, two standalone record players, and two VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray players. Patrons can check out headphones at the circulation desk or use their own.

Microform Reader/Printer

Microfilm and microfiche can be read, scanned, and printed in the Music Library. A machine that reads and prints from both microfilm and microfiche is located on the main floor. A QCard (college ID) is required to pay for scans or copies. To add money to your ID, go to the QCard Office.

Collections & Equipment

CD, DVD, LP, and VHS Collections

The Music Library has a collection of 10,000 LPs, over 10,000 CDs, over 100 DVDs, and 140 VHS videos. All can be located in the CUNY Catalog. Circulating CDs (indicated by “Circ CD” in front of the call number) circulate for seven days, while non-circulating recordings (e.g. recordings on reserve, Schwarz CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes) can only be used in the Music Library. To check out recordings, take the call numbers of the recordings you want and validated ID to the circulation desk. You can also check out headphones to listen to or view non-circulating recordings in our media center/listening area.

Loan Periods

Circ CDs1 week
Schwarz CD1 week
Videos4 hours
DVDs4 hours
LPs3 hours

Vinyl LP Collection

The Queens College Music Library holds approximately 5,000 vinyl records in its storage collection, which can be played on three (3) turntables in the Media Lab on the lower level. To access these items, please bring the Barcode, LP Call Number, and Title to the ML Circulation Desk so that staff may retrieve the item(s) for you. In addition to searching the table by artist, record label imprint, and record title, you can sort and search items by “Period / Form” tags. All items are labeled with at least one (1) of the following tags: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century, Blues, Film Scores, Folk / World, Indian Classical, Jazz, Musicals, and Theory. (Please note that this table is a work-in-progress and not all available LPs are listed yet.)

Artist / CreatorImprint / DateTitleBarcodeCall NumberPeriod / Form
Haydn, JosephNew York : Musical Masterpiece Society, 1950?The creation / Haydn.31153010064954LP 00001Classical
Bellini, VincenzoCetra-Soria, 1953Norma / Bellini.31153010064392LP 00002Romantic
Beethoven, Ludwig vanLondon 1974Piano sonata no. 31 in A flat major, op. 110 Piano sonata no. 32 in C minor, op. 111.31153003711686LP 00003Romantic
Jarrié, HenriHarmonia Mundi, 197-Musiques médiévales.31153010062966LP 00005Medieval
Villa-Lobos, HeitorNew York, N.Y. : London, 1949Concerto for piano and orchestra / Villa-Lobos.31153010062974LP 0000620th Century
Sullivan, ArthurLondon, England : Richmond, between 1960 and 1969H.M.S. Pinafore.31153010062958LP 00007Romantic
Brahms, JohannesNew York, N.Y. : Columbia Masterworks, 1955?Symphony no. 2 in D major, op. 73 / Brahms.31153010062941LP 00011Romantic
Sayão, BidúUnited States : Columbia, 1949My encores. Folk songs of Brazil / [arr. by] Ernani Braga.31153010062933LP 00012Folk / World
Hindemith, PaulNew York : Columbia Masterworks, 1949Nobilissima visione : concert suite from the ballet St. Francis ; Symphonic metamorphosis on themes of Carl Maria von Weber (1943) / Hindemith.31153010068914LP 0001620th Century
Gesualdo, CarloNew York, N.Y. : Odyssey, ℗1974Madrigals and sacred music.31153010068369LP 00018Renaissance
Beethoven, Ludwig vanHamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, 1974, ℗1970IX. [i.e. Neunte] Symphonie d-moll, op. 125 ; Symphonie Nr. 8 F-dur, op. 93 / Ludwig van Beethoven.31153010068351LP 00019Classical / Romantic
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusNew York : Columbia Masterworks, 1947?Quartet no. 1, in G minor, for piano and strings, K. 478 ; Quartet no. 2, in E-flat major, for piano and strings, K. 493 / Mozart.BAR2888271LP 00024Classical
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusNew York : Columbia, ©1949Quintet in D major for strings, K. 593 : Quintet in C minor for strings, K. 406 / Mozart.BAR2888276LP 00025Classical
Gross, RobertMalibu, Calif. : Orion, 1974Sonata for violin alone, op. 31/2 / Paul Hindemith. Due studi for violin and piano / Luigi Dallapiccola. Sonata for solo violin, op. 15 / Richard Swift. Phantasy for violin with piano accompaniment, op. 47 / Arnold Schoenberg. Vier Stuecke, op. 7 / Anton Webern.BAR2888270LP 0002920th Century
Bizet, GeorgesNew York : Nonesuch Records, 1967Symphony in C major ; Jeux d’enfants : op. 22 ; Patrie overture : op. 19 / Georges Bizet.31153003391323LP 00030Romantic
Bach, Johann SebastianRCA Victor, 19–The well-tempered clavier book 1.2721721-20LP 00031Baroque
Philippe, SuzanneBruxelles : Musica Magna, 1974Les très riches heures du grand siècle.BAR2888237LP 00033Baroque
Beethoven, Ludwig vanNew York : Columbia Masterworks, 1957?Sonata no. 14, in C sharp minor, op. 27, no. 2, “Moonlight” ; Sonata no. 8, in C minor, op. 13, “Pathétique” / Beethoven.31153008092488LP 00038Classical
Beethoven, Ludwig vanNew York : Columbia Masterworks, 1950Symphony no. 5 in C minor, op 67 / Beethoven.31153008092926LP 00039Classical
Schumann, RobertBridgeport, CT? : Columbia, ©1949Fantasia in C major : op. 17 / Schumann.BAR2888282LP 00040Romantic
Gershwin, GeorgeColumbia, 1973Rhapsody in blue ; an American in Paris.31153003711694LP 0004220th Century
Nielsen, CarlMarlboro, Vt. : Marlboro Recording Society, 197-?Woodwind quintet, op. 43 / Carl Nielsen. Clarinet quintet in B♭ major, op. 34 / Carl Maria von Weber.BAR2888288LP 0004320th Century
Dvořák, AntonínEpic, 1959Symphony no. 5 [i.e. 9] in E minor : op. 95 (From the New World) / Dvořák.31153003391307LP 00044Romantic
Beethoven, Ludwig vanNew York : Columbia 195?Quartet no. 1 in F major, op. 18, no. 1 ; Quartet no. 2 in G major, op. 18, no. 2 / Beethoven.BAR2888285LP 00045Classical
Hofmann, WolfgangNew York, N.Y. : Nonesuch Records, 1966Court and chamber music of the 18th century.BAR2888054LP 00046Classical
Beethoven, Ludwig vanNew York, N.Y. : London, 1964Fidelio / Beethoven [and] Sonnleithner.BAR2888286LP 00047Classical
Bach, Johann SebastianCamden, N.J. : RCA Victor, 195-The well-tempered clavier, book I / J.S. Bach.BAR2888287LP 00048Baroque
Bartók, BélaU.S.A. : Columbia Masterworks, 1950Quartet no. 1 in A minor, op. 7 ; Quartet no. 2 in A minor, op. 17 / Bela Bartok.BAR2888358LP 0004920th Century
Bartók, BélaNew York : Columbia, 1950Quartet no. 3 (1927) ; Quartet no. 4 (1928) / Béla Bartók.BAR2888294LP 0005020th Century
Bartók, BélaColumbia, 1950Quartet no. 5 (1934) [and] quartet no. 6 (1939).BAR2888289LP 0005120th Century
Brahms, JohannesChicago : Mercury, between 1960 and 1969?Quartet no. 1 in G minor for piano & strings, op. 25 / Brahms.31153010060770LP 00052Romantic
Schoenberg, ArnoldAlco Records, 1950String quartet no. 1, D minor, op. 7.BAR2888291LP 0005320th Century
Schoenberg, ArnoldHollywood, California : Alco Records, 1950?String quartet no. 2, F sharp minor, opus 10 / by Arnold Schoenberg.BAR2888292LP 0005420th Century
Schoenberg, ArnoldLos Angeles : Alco Records, 1950String quartet no. 3 / Arnold Schoenberg.BAR2888333LP 0005520th Century
Schoenberg, ArnoldHollywood, Calif. : Alco Records, 1950String quartet no. 4, opus 37 / Arnold Schoenberg.BAR2888293LP 0005620th Century
Ives, CharlesNew York : Columbia Masterworks, 1949?Sonata no. 2 : (Concord, Mass., 1840-1860) / Charles Ives.BAR2888359LP 0005820th Century
Brahms, JohannesHannover, West Germany : Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft, 1960Sinfonie Nr. 1, C-moll, op. 68 / Johannes Brahms.31153003711710LP 00061Romantic
Copland, AaronRCA VictorBilly the Kid (from the repertory of Ballet Theatre, Inc.).31153003391299LP 0006220th Century
Menotti, Gian CarloNew York, N.Y. : Decca, 1950The consul / Gian-Carlo Menotti.31153010061497LP 0006320th Century
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusNew York, N.Y. : London, ©1950Die Entführung aus dem Serail (Il Seraglio) / W.A. Mozart.BAR2888297LP 00064Classical
Verdi, GiuseppeItaly : Cetra, 196-?Falstaff / Verdi ; [libretto di] Boito.BAR2888300LP 00066Romantic
Beethoven, Ludwig vanMarlboro Recording Society, 197-Trio in B♭ major, op. 11.BAR2888395LP 00067Classical
Verdi, GiuseppeNew York : Columbia Masterworks, 1949La traviata / Verdi.BAR2888301LP 00068Romantic
Puccini, GiacomoNew York : Cetra-Soria, 195-?Gianni Schicchi : opera in one act / Puccini.BAR2888303LP 00070Romantic
Haydn, JosephColumbia, 195-Quartet in D, op. 64, no. 5 (“Lark”) Quartet in B-flat major, op. 76, no. 4, (“Sunrise”).BAR2888305LP 00072Classical
Schubert, FranzNew York : Columbia Masterworks, 1950?Symphony no. 8 in B minor : “Unfinished” / Schubert.BAR2888306LP 00073Romantic
Handel, George FridericHollywood, Calif. : Seraphim, 1973Messiah : the great choruses and arias / Handel.31153003698701LP 00077Baroque
Sousa, John PhilipBurbank, CA : Warner Bros., 1962Sousa’s greatest marches.BAR2888308LP 00078Romantic
Halffter, ErnestoNew York : Colosseum, 1953Sinfonietta in D major / Halffter. Symphony in D minor / Napoli.31153003391273LP 0007920th Century
Gershwin, GeorgeUnited States : Columbia, 1950Concerto in F for piano and orchestra / Gershwin.31153003391281LP 0008120th Century
Beethoven, Ludwig vanNew York : Vox, ©1950Quintet opus 16, in E flat major ; 32 variations in C minor / Beethoven.BAR2888310LP 00082Classical
Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichNew York : Columbia Masterworks, 1950?Francesca da Rimini, op. 32 : (fantasy after Dante) / Tchaikovsky. Masquerade suite / Khachaturian.BAR2888311LP 00083Romantic
Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichUnited States : Columbia, 195-?Swan Lake : ballet music, op. 20a / Tchaikovsky.31153008092777LP 00086Romantic
Bach, Johann SebastianColumbia Masterworks, 1950Sonata no. 1, in G major, for ‘cello and piano Sonata no. 2, in D major, for ‘cello and piano.BAR2888316LP 00087Baroque
Bach, Johann SebastianBoston : Haydn Society, 195-?Concerto for 3 harpsichords and orchestra in C / Bach. Concerto for 4 harpsichords and orchestra in A minor / Vivaldi-Bach.BAR2888317LP 00089Baroque
Humperdinck, EngelbertNew York City : Urania Records, 1951?Moorish rhapsody / Humperdinck.31153003391265LP 00090Romantic
Cowell, HenryNew York, N.Y. : American Recording Society, 195-Symphony #5 / by Henry Cowell.BAR2888319LP 0009120th Century
Ravel, MauriceCamden, NJ : RCA Victor, 195-?Bolero ; Ma mère l’oye – suite = Mother Goose suite / Ravel.BAR2888283LP 0009220th Century
Bach, Johann SebastianCapitol, 1957Partitas and sonatas for unaccompanied violin.BAR2888320LP 00093Baroque
Stravinsky, IgorLondon, 195-The fire bird : suite / Stravinsky.BAR2888321LP 0009420th Century
Stravinsky, IgorNew York? : London, 1949?Pétrouchka / Igor Stravinsky.BAR2888322LP 0009520th Century
Brahms, JohannesColumbia, 1950Sonata no. 2 in F major for ‘cello and piano, op. 99 / Brahms.BAR2888326LP 00099Romantic
Ravel, MauriceNew York : Columbia, 195-L’enfant et les sortilèges = The child and the sorcerers / Ravel.BAR2888328LP 0010220th Century
Strauss, JohannU.S.A.? : London, 1950?Die Fledermaus : complete recording / Johann Strauss.BAR2888329LP 00103Romantic
Ravel, MauriceColumbia, 1950Daphnis et Chloé suite no. 1 Daphnis et Chloé suite no. 2.BAR2888330LP 0010420th Century
Bach, Johann SebastianCamden, N.J. : RCA Victor, 195-The well-tempered clavier, book I / J.S. Bach.BAR2888354LP 00105Baroque
Hindemith, PaulAngel Records, 1961Mathis der Maler.BAR2888355LP 0010620th Century
Ravel, MauriceCamden, N.J. : RCA Victor, 1950Trio in A minor / Ravel. Trio no. 1 in D minor, op. 49 / Mendelssohn.BAR2888356LP 0010720th Century
Stravinsky, IgorUnited States : London, 1950Le sacre du printemps = The rite of spring / Igor Stravinsky.BAR2888357LP 0010820th Century
Weill, KurtCamden, NJ : RCA Victor, 19–Down in the valley : an American folk opera / Kurt Weill ; words by Arnold Sundgaard.31153010067486LP 0010920th Century
Beethoven, Ludwig vanNew York : Allegro Classics, 1950?Sonata in A major, no. 3, op. 69 ; Sonata in F major, no. 1, op. 5 / Ludwig van Beethoven.BAR2888377LP 00110Classical
Copland, AaronColumbia, 1963Concerto for clarinet and string orchestra, with harp and piano. / Old American songs [sets 1 and 2].BAR2888378
LP 0011120th Century
Weber, Carl Maria vonUnited States : Decca, 1951Der Freischütz / Weber – Kind.BAR2888380LP 00112Romantic
Poulenc, FrancisNew York, N.Y. : Columbia Masterworks, 1950Concerto in G minor for organ, string orchestra and timpani / Poulenc. Prelude, fugue and variation, op. 18 ; Pièce heroïque / César Franck.31153003391257LP 0011420th Century
Stravinsky, IgorUnited States : Angel, 1975Concerto in E flat, “Dumbarton Oaks” ; Concerto in D for string orchestra / Danses concertantes / Stravinsky.BAR2888441LP 0011520th Century
Byrns, HaroldCapitol, 1955Percussion!.BAR2888394LP 0011620th Century
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusLyrichord, 1951Trio in E flat major, K. 498.BAR2888384LP 00117Classical
Bartók, BélaUnited States : Bartók Records, 1953?The miraculous mandarin : suite / Béla Bartók.BAR2888386LP 0011920th Century
Chopin, FrédéricColumbia, 1960The 24 preludes.31153003391216LP 00120Romantic
Bach, Johann SebastianNew York : Bach Guild, 1950Cantata no. 21 : Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis (I suffered greatly).BAR2888387LP 00121Baroque
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi daParliament Records, 195-?Missa Papae Marcelli ; Oratio Jeremiae ; Paucitas dierum ; Alleluia, Tulerunt Dominum, motets / Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina.31153003696465LP 00122Renaissance
Goodman, BennyWestinghouse, 1958Benny Goodman plays world favorites.31153003696457LP 00123Jazz
Bach, Carl Philipp EmanuelWestminster, ©1950Piano concerto, in A major [i.e. minor].BAR2888360LP 00124Classical
Locatelli, Pietro AntonioNew York : Westminster, 1950Trauersymphonie ; Concerto grosso in F minor, op. 1, no. 8 / Pietro Locatelli.BAR2888361LP 00125Baroque
Prokofiev, SergeyNew York : Columbia Masterworks, 1949Scythian suite, op. 20 / Prokofiev. Roman festivals = Feste romane : poema sinfonico / Respighi.BAR2888362LP 0012620th Century
Schütz, HeinrichRowayton, Conn. : REB Editions, 1950Weihnachts-Historie : the Christmas story / Heinrich Schütz.BAR2888363LP 00127Baroque
Haydn, JosephWestminsterSymphony no. 100 in G major (Military) Symphony no. 95 in C minor.BAR2888364LP 00128Classical
Kingston TrioHollywood, Calif. : Capitol, 1959From the Hungry i / the Kingston Trio.31153003696440LP 00130Folk / World
Dello Joio, NormanNew York : Columbia Masterworks, 1950Concerto for harp and orchestra / Norman Dello Joio. Music for Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” (1947) / David Diamond.BAR2888366LP 0013120th Century
Beethoven, Ludwig vanNew York, N.Y. : Odyssey, 1976Symphony no. 3 in E-flat major, op. 55 “Eroica” / Beethoven.31153003696184LP 00132Classical / Romantic
Various Artists New York : Bill Grauer Productions, 1953?History of classic jazz.31153008092637LP 00133Jazz
Leoncavallo, RuggieroNew York, N.Y. : Seraphim, 1967I pagliacci / Leoncavallo.31153003388147LP 00134Romantic
Rodgers, RichardNew York : Decca, 1958Oklahoma / [music by] Richard Rodgers ; [book and lyrics by] Oscar Hammerstein II.31153003388154LP 00135Musicals
Coltrane, JohnNew York : Impulse, 1965Ascension / John Coltrane.31153003388121LP 00136Jazz
Haydn, JosephBoston, Mass. : Haydn Society, 1950Missa solemnis in D minor : Lord Nelson Mass / Haydn.BAR2888371LP 00140Classical
Beethoven, Ludwig vanU.S. : Columbia, 1960Quartet no. 8 in E minor, op. 59, no. 2 : (“Rasoumovsky”) / Beethoven.31153003388170LP 00141Classical
Beethoven, Ludwig vanVox, 1950Twelve variations in G major, opus 157 : on a theme from the oratorio, “Judas Maccabaeus” by Handel ; Twelve variations in F major, opus 66, on the theme “Ein Maedchen oder Weibchen” ; Seven variations in E flat major, opus 158, on the duet “Bei Maennern welche Liebe fuehlen” from the opera “The Magic Flute” by Mozart / Beethoven.BAR2888407LP 00142Classical
Milhaud, DariusColumbia, 196-Quartet no. 14 [sound recording] ; Quartet no. 15 ; Octet / Milhaud.BAR2888372LP 0014320th Century
Swanson, Howard / Goeb, RogerNew York, N.Y. : American Recording Society, 1953Seven songs / by Howard Swanson. Prairie songs / by Roger Goeb. Concert aria after Solomon / by Ben Weber.BAR2888373
LP 0014420th Century
Ibert, JacquesNew York : Concert Hall, 195-?Concerto for flute and orchestra / Jacques Ibert. Concerto for seven wind instruments, tympani, percussion and strings / Frank Martin.BAR2888375LP 0014520th Century
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusColumbia, 1961Symphony no. 41, in C major (Jupiter) Symphony no. 35, in D major, K. 385 (Haffner).31153003388212LP 00146Classical
Martinů, Bohuslav / Strauss, RichardWestminster, 1952?Concerto grosso. / Macbeth ; symphonic poem, op. 23.BAR2888389
LP 00147Romantic / 20th Century
Rodgers, RichardNew York : Decca, 1957?Carousel : based on Ferenc Molnar’s “Liliom” / Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II.31153003388097LP 00148Musicals
Prokofiev, SergeyU.S. : Columbia, ©1950Symphony no. 6 in E-flat minor, op. 111 / Serge Prokofiev.BAR2888391LP 0014920th Century
Schoenberg, ArnoldColumbia, 1950Gurrelieder : Lied der Waldtaube (Song of the wood dove).BAR2888392LP 0015020th Century
Rodgers, RichardNew York : Decca, ©1949Carousel : based on Ferenc Molnar’s Liliom / [music by] Richard Rodgers ; [lyrics by] Oscar Hammerstein II.31153003388105LP 00152Musicals
Beethoven, Ludwig vanCamden, N.J. : RCA Victor, 1963Concerto in D, op. 61 / Beethoven.31153003388089LP 00153Classical
Byrd, WilliamNew York : London, 1951Mass for four voices / Byrd ; edited by T.B. Lawrence.BAR2888440LP 00154Renaissance
Carissimi, GiacomoUnited States? : Polydor, 1950Jepthe / G. Carissimi. Beato l’uom : (Psalm 1) / B. Marcello.31153006896872LP 00155Baroque
Shostakovich, Dmitriĭ DmitrievichNew York, N.Y. : Columbia Special Products, 19–Symphony no. 5, op. 47 / Shostakovich.31153003388063LP 0015620th Century
Janssen, WernerArtist (100)Four American landscapes.BAR2888397LP 0015720th Century
Gould, MortonColumbia, 1953Interplay, for piano and orchestra (American concertette).BAR2888399LP 0015920th Century
Bach, Johann SebastianCapitol, 195-?Passacaglia and fugue in C minor ; Chorale: Herzlich tut mich verlangen ; Toccata and fugue in D minor / Bach.BAR2888400LP 00160Baroque
Schubert, FranzNew York : RCA Victor, 1960String quartet no. 14 in D minor, op. posth. : (“Death and the maiden”) ; String quartet no. 12 in C minor, op. posth. (Quartettsatz) / Schubert.31153003388030LP 00161Classical
Peter, Johann FriedrichNew York, N.Y. : New Records, 195-Quintet no. 1 in D major ; Quintet no. 6 in E-flat major ; Quintet no. 2 in A major ; Quintet no. 5 in B-flat major ; Quintet no. 3 in G major ; Quintet no. 4 in C major / Johann Friedrich Peter.BAR2888401LP 00162Classical
Margaret Dodd SingersNew York : New Records, 1950?The Bay Psalm Book, Cambridge 1640.BAR2888402LP 00163Folk / World
Shostakovich, Dmitriĭ DmitrievichUrania Records, 1952Symphony no. 7, op. 60 “Leningrad.”BAR2888403LP 0016420th Century
Mahler, GustavVox, 1951?Symphony #2 in C minor “Resurrection.”BAR2888404LP 00165Romantic
Wagner, RichardHamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, ℗1966Tristan und Isolde : [Handlung in drei Aufzügen] / Richard Wagner.31153003388014LP 00166Romantic
Schubert, FranzUnited States : Decca, 1951Die Winterreise / Schubert ; [text by] Müller.BAR2888405LP 00167Romantic
Handel, George FridericNY : Westminster, 1959Judas Maccabaeus / Handel.BAR2888406LP 00168Baroque
Bruckner, AntonNew York : Urania Records, ©1951Symphony no. 2 in C minor / Anton Bruckner.BAR2888408LP 00169Romantic
Schubert, FranzEngland : London, 1959Piano quintet in A major, op. 114 : (The trout) / Schubert.31153003388006LP 00170Classical
Hindemith, PaulNew York : Philharmonia Records, 195-String quartet no. 2 [i.e. no. 1] : in F minor, op. 10 (1919) / Paul Hindemith.BAR2888409LP 0017120th Century
Schumann, RobertRCA Victor, 195-Carnaval Op. 9.BAR2888410LP 00172Romantic
Roussel, AlbertU.S.A. : Decca, 195-?String quartet in D major, op. 45 / Albert Roussel.BAR2888411LP 0017320th Century
Beethoven, Ludwig vanNew York? : Columbia Masterworks, 1966?Symphony no. 3, in E-flat major, op. 55 / Beethoven.31153003706405LP 00174Classical / Romantic
Puccini, GiacomoRCA Victor, 1952La bohème / Puccini.31153003387958LP 00175Romantic
Stravinsky, IgorNew York, N.Y. : Dover, 1969Piano music of Stravinsky.31153003387933LP 0017620th Century
Brahms, JohannesCamden, N.J. : RCA Victor, 1952Symphony no. 1 : in C minor, op. 68.BAR2888412LP 00177Romantic
Brahms, JohannesRCA Victor (LM 1713)Symphony no. 4 in E minor, op. 98.BAR2888413LP 00178Romantic
Brahms, JohannesCamden, N.J. : RCA Victor, 195?Symphony no. 3, in F, op. 90 / Brahms.BAR2888414LP 00179Romantic
Chopin, FrédéricCamden, N.J. : RCA Victor, 1951Preludes, op. 28 / Chopin.BAR2888415LP 00180Romantic
Mussorgsky, Modest PetrovichRCA Victor Red Seal (LM 1014)Pictures at an exhibition (edited by Valdimir Horowitz).BAR2888416LP 00181Romantic
Gershwin, GeorgeRCA VictorAn American in Paris.31153010067494LP 0018420th Century
Bach, Johann SebastianNew York : RCA Victor, 195-The well-tempered clavier ; book II / J.S. Bach.BAR2888418LP 00185Baroque
Stern, IsaacNew York : CBS Masterworks, ©1981Isaac Stern 60th anniversary celebration.31153003711652LP 00186Baroque / Classical
Debussy, ClaudeRowayton, Conn. : REB Editions, 1951Douze études / Claude Debussy.BAR2888419LP 0018720th Century
Schoenberg, ArnoldDial, 1950Ode to Napoleon.BAR2888420LP 0018820th Century
Beethoven, Ludwig vanNew York : Vox, ℗195233 variations on a waltz by Diabelli : opus 120 / Beethoven.BAR2888421LP 00189Romantic
Haydn, JosephBoston, Mass. : Haydn Society, 195-Missa Cellensis in C (1782) : “Mariazellermesse” / Haydn.BAR2888422LP 00190Classical
Bartók, BélaVox, 1962Complete piano music.31153005619812LP 0019120th Century
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusVox, 1951?Piano concerto no. 26 in D major, K. 537 : Coronation ; Adagio in B minor, K. 540 / Mozart.BAR2888423LP 00192Classical
Chopin, FrédéricVox, ℗1952Etudes, opus 25 Trois nouvelles etudes.BAR2888424LP 00193Romantic
Mahler, GustavNew York : Columbia Masterworks, 1949Songs of a wayfarer = (Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen) / Mahler. Sacred arias of Johann Sebastian Bach.BAR2888426LP 00195Romantic
Ravel, MauriceNew York, N.Y. : Columbia, ©1951Chansons madécasses / Ravel. Trois chansons de Bilitis = Three songs of Bilitis / Debussy.BAR2888427LP 0019620th Century
Drinkall, RogerNew York, N.Y. : Composers Recordings, 1972String quartet (1961) / Arnold Elston. Cello sonata / Gordon Binkerd.31153010060820LP 0019720th Century
Haywood, CharlesNew York : Privately recorded, 194-?Program of folk songs : from the library of Marian and Allan Hancock / Charles Haywood, tenor.31153010060812LP 00198Folk / World
Schoenberg, ArnoldDial, 1951Fantasy for violin and piano Six little piano pieces. Five piano pieces, opus 23.BAR2888428LP 0019920th Century
Beethoven, Ludwig vanNew York : Columbia, 195-?Coriolan overture in C minor, op. 62 ; Egmont overture, op. 84 / Beethoven.BAR2888429LP 00200Classical
Smetana, BedřichNew York, N.Y. : Columbia Masterworks, ©1949Vltava = the Moldau / Smetana. Academic festival overture : op. 80 / Brahms.31153010060713LP 00201Romantic
Bartók, BélaU.S.A. : Bartók Records, 195-?Two rhapsodies for violin and orchestra / Béla Bartók.31153010060705LP 0020220th Century
Prokofiev, SergeyCamden, N.J. : RCA Camden, 196-?Peter and the wolf : op. 67 : orchestral fairy tale / Serge Prokofieff. Till Eulenspiegel’s merry pranks : op. 28 : after an old rogue’s tale : in rondo form / Richard Strauss.31153003712015LP 00203Romantic / 20th Century
Menuhin, YehudiCalifornia : Angel, 1968West meets East. Album 2.BAR2888430LP 00204Indian Classical
Rodgers, RichardNew York : Decca, 1951The King and I : a musical play / Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II.31153003712056LP 00205Musicals
Handel, George FridericArchiv Produktion, 1959?Utrechter Te Deum und Jubilate Coronation anthem, Zadok, the priest.BAR2888431LP 00206Baroque
Debussy, ClaudeNew York : Columbia, 1949?Cinq poèmes de Charles Baudelaire / Debussy. A French song recital.BAR2888433LP 0020720th Century
Mahler, GustavNew York : RCA Red Seal, ℗1975Symphony no. 4 in G / Mahler.BAR2888432LP 00208Romantic
Hawes, Bess LomaxStinson, ©1962American folksay ballads and dances.BAR2888434LP 00210Folk / World
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Puccini, GiacomoLondon, 1950?Madama Butterfly — highlights.31153003711728LP 00336Romantic
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White, JoshLondonA Josh White program.31153003711843LP 00363Folk / World
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Wöldike, MogensHartford, Conn. : Haydn Society, 1953Masterpieces of music before 1750 : an anthology of musical examples from Gregorian chant to J.S. Bach. Record 2: The 16th and 17th centuries.BAR2888647LP 00373Renaissance / Baroque
Beethoven, Ludwig vanNew York : RCA Victor, 1960Sonata no. 9, for violin and piano, in A, op. 47 (Kreutzer) Sonata no. 5, for violin and piano, in F, op. 24 (Spring).31153003711835LP 00374Classical
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LP 00377Baroque
Telemann, Georg PhilippLondon (LS-686)Concerto in G major for viola and string orchestra.BAR2888583LP 00378Baroque
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Belafonte, HarryCamden, N.J. : RCA Victor, 1954Mark Twain and other folk favorites / Harry Belafonte.31153003712031LP 00386Folk / World
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Beethoven, Ludwig vanCamden, N.J. : RCA Victor, 19–Artur Schnabel plays Beethoven. Vol. 1 : sonatas no. 24, in F-sharp, op. 78, no. 27, in E minor, op. 90, no. 32, in C minor, op. 111 / Beethoven.BAR2888823LP 00395Classical
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Handel, George FridericUnited States: Angel, 1968The great choruses from Handel’s “Messiah.”31153003712023LP 00398Baroque
Courlander, HaroldNew York : Folkways Records, ©1951Folk music of Haiti.BAR2888827LP 00400Folk / World
Various Artists Folkways Records, 1951Music of the Falashas.BAR2888828LP 00401Folk / World
Various ArtistsFolkways Records, 1952?Songs of the Watutsi.BAR2888829LP 00402Folk / World
Various Artists New York City : Folkways Records, 1951Traditional and classical music of India.BAR2888830LP 00403Folk / World / Indian Classical
Various ArtistsNew York : Folkways Records, 1951Folk music of Palestine.BAR2888831LP 00404Folk / World
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LP 00421Classical
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LP 00445Renaissance
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de Machaut, GuillaumeNew York : Concert Hall, 195-Mass, Notre Dame / Guillaume de Machaut.BAR2888596LP 00474Medieval
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Gabrieli, GiovanniNew York : Vox, 1954Organ music / Giovanni Gabrieli. Organ music / Andrea Gabrieli.BAR2888639LP 00484Renaissance
Dittersdorf, Karl Ditters vonConcert Hall The rescue of Andromeda by Perseus (Symphony in F minor) Symphony in E flat major.BAR2888651LP 00485Classical
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Coltrane, JohnImpulse, 1966Meditations.BAR2888042LP 00487Jazz
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Vocht, Lodewijk deBrussel : Cultura, 197-Concerto voor viool en orkest in mi klein / Lodewijk de Vocht. De Nachtelijke Wapenschouw / Robert Herberigs. Elegie, op. 7, voor orkest / Frits Celis.BAR2888773LP 0049020th Century
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Rodgers, RichardCamden, N.J. : RCA Victor, 1954Victory at sea : orchestral suite from the NBC television production / Richard Rodgers ; arranged by Robert Russell Bennett.31153003696952LP 00516Film scores
Beethoven, Ludwig vanAngel Records, 1954Concerto no. 3, in C minor, op. 37.BAR2888490LP 00517Classical
Dowland, JohnDecca, ℗1974Earl of Derby’s galliard.BAR2888491LP 00518Renaissance
Beethoven, Ludwig vanLondon, ℗1951Sonata no. 5, in C minor, op. 10, no. 1 Sonata no. 6, in F major, op. 10, no. 2. Sonata no. 25, in G major, op. 79.BAR2888513LP 00519Classical
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Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichNew York : RCA Victor Red Seal, 1950Symphony no. 6 in B minor, op. 74 : “Pathetique.”BAR2888522LP 00523Romantic
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Beethoven, Ludwig vanWestminster, ©1953String trio in C minor, op. 9, no. 3 String trio in D major (Serenade), op. 8.BAR2888767LP 00525Classical
Beethoven, Ludwig vanU.S.A. : Columbia Masterworks, 195-Grosse Fuge in B-flat major, op. 133 [sound recording] ; Quartet no. 16 in F major, op. 135 / Beethoven.BAR2888493LP 00526Romantic
Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichHollywood, Calif.: Capitol, 1953Quartet no. 1 in D major, op. 11 / Tchaikovsky. Quartet no. 2, in D / Borodin.BAR2888504LP 00527Romantic
Brahms, JohannesEngland : London, 19–Trio no. 2 in C major, op. 87 / Brahms. Trio no. 1 in G major, op. 73, no. 2 / Haydn.BAR2888766LP 00528Romantic
Rodgers, RichardNew York : RCA Victor, 1959-61Victory at sea : orchestral suite from the NBC television production / Richard Rogers ; arr. by Robert Russell Bennett.31153003696937LP 00529Film scores
Rachmaninoff, SergeiNew York : RCA Red Seal, 1962Concerto no. 2, in C minor, op. 18 / Rachmaninoff.31153003696895LP 00530Romantic
Haydn, JosephBoston, Mass. : Haydn Society, 1951?Quartet in E major, op. 17, no. 1 (1771) ; Quartet in c minor, op. 17, no. 4 (1771) / Haydn.BAR2888608LP 00531Classical
Haydn, JosephHaydn Society, 1951Quartet in F, op. 17, no. 2 (1771) ; Quartet in E flat, op. 17, no. 3 (1771).BAR2888650LP 00532Classical
Haydn, JosephHaydn Society, 1951Quartet in G, Op. 17, No. 5 ; Quartet in D, Op. 17, No. 6 / Haydn.BAR2888610LP 00533Classical
Haydn, JosephBoston, Mass. : Haydn Society, 1952Quartet in B flat major, op. 50, no. 1 (1786) ; Quartet in C major, op. 50, no. 2 (1786) / Haydn.BAR2888605LP 00534Classical
Haydn, JosephBoston, Mass. : Haydn Society, 1952?Quartet in E flat, op. 50, no. 3 (1786) ; Quartet in F sharp minor, op. 50, no. 4 (1786) / Haydn.BAR2888607LP 00535Classical
Haydn, JosephBoston, Mass. : Haydn Society, 1952Quartet in F, op. 50, no. 5 (1786) : Dream ; Quartet in D major, op. 50, no. 6 (1786) : Frog / Haydn.BAR2888609LP 00536Classical
Schubert, FranzU.S. : Columbia Masterworks, before 1954Rondo brillant in B minor, op. 70 / Schubert. Sonata no. 10 in G major, op. 96 / Beethoven.BAR2892455LP 00537Classical / Romantic
Messner, JosephNew York? : Epic, 1954Festmesse für 53 Stimmen : (consecration of the Salzburg Cathedral) ; St. Ruperti hymnus : Plaudite tympana / Orazio Benevoli.BAR2888645LP 00538Baroque
Arne, Thomas AugustineNew York : London, 1950Thomas and Sally : or, The sailor’s return / Arne ; adapt. and arr. Frederick Woodhouse. Masque from Timon of Athens / Henry Purcell ; adapt. Frederick Woodhouse.BAR2888630LP 00539Baroque
Beethoven, Ludwig vanLondon, 195-?Thirty-three variations on a waltz by Diabelli, op. 120.BAR2888629LP 00540Romantic
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi daEpic, 195-Missa Papae Marcelli / Palestrina. Choral music from the lowlands : fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.BAR2888599LP 00541Renaissance
Kuttner, Fritz A.Jackson Heights, N.Y. : Musurgia Records, 1955The theory of classical Greek music / by Fritz A. Kuttner ; with the assistance of J. Murray Barbour.BAR2888628LP 00542Theory
Jacobi, FrederickSaratoga Springs, N.Y. : Society of Participating Artists, 1953Concerto for violin and orchestra ; Concertino for piano and orchestra ; Nocturne in Ninevah [i.e. Niniveh] and dance / Frederick Jacobi.BAR2888643LP 0054320th Century
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusNew York, N.Y. : Columbia Masterworks, 1953Six quartets dedicated to Haydn / Mozart.BAR2888617LP 00544Classical
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Charpentier, Marc-AntoineNew York, N.Y. : Decca, 195-?Excerpts from “Médée” / M.A. Charpentier.BAR2888644LP 00548Baroque
Ives, BurlNew York City : Columbia, 1955The wayfaring stranger / Burl Ives.31153003711462LP 00549Folk / World
Bach, Johann SebastianNew York, N.Y. : London, ©1952Fugue in A minor : Schmieder no. 947 ; Fugue in G minor : the Great ; Ricercare in 6 parts / Bach. Grosse Fuge, op. 133 / Beethoven.BAR2892487LP 00550Baroque / Romantic
Catholic ChurchPeriod, 1955?Gregorian chants. Vol. 4: Missae breves.BAR2888590LP 00551Medieval
Cavallo, GiuseppeNew York : Colosseum, 1952Il giudizio universale : oratorio / Cavalli.BAR2888588LP 00552Baroque
Gesualdo, CarloNew York : Westminster, ©1952Italian madrigals / Gesualdo ; Monteverdi.BAR2888595LP 00553Renaissance
Moller, J. C. New York : New Records, 196-?Instrumental music in Colonial America.BAR2888593LP 00554Classical
Loesser, ArthurNew York : New Records, 196-?Instrumental music in Colonial America.BAR2888594LP 00555Classical
Beethoven, Ludwig vanNew York, N.Y. : Odyssey, 1969Symphony no. 9 in D minor, op. 125 : (Choral).31153003711413LP 00556Romantic
Constant, FranzBrussels : Alpha, ℗1974Fantasia pour saxophone et orchestre / Franz Constant. Pochade pour quatuor de saxophone / Marcel Quinet. Dialogues pour saxophone et piano / Jacqueline Fontyn.BAR2888542LP 0055720th Century
Deriemaeker, StanislasBrussels : Cultura, ℗1974Hedendaagse Vlaamse orgelmuziek = Contemporary Flemish organ music.BAR2888543LP 0055820th Century
Lekeu, GuillaumeMusique en Wallonie, 1974Sonate pour violon et piano en sol majeur.BAR2888564LP 00559Romantic
Schubert, FranzColumbia Masterworks, 1958Rosamunde, op. 26 ; Symphony no. 5, in B-flat major / Schubert.31153003696960LP 00560Romantic
Schoenberg, ArnoldCBS Masterworks, ℗1978Pierre Boulez conducts Arnold Schoenberg.31153007129927LP 0056120th Century
Evans, BillNew York : United Artists Jazz, 1962?Undercurrent / Bill Evans [and] Jim Hall.BAR2888663LP 00562Jazz
Bach, Johann SebastianNew York: Columbia Masterworks, 196-?Passacaglia and fugue in C minor ; Toccata and fugue in D minor ; Jesu, joy of man’s desiring / Bach. Water music-suite ; Concerto for orchestra in D major / Handel. Suite for string orchestra / Corelli-Pinelli.BAR2888666LP 00563Baroque
Fasano, RenatoEngland : Decca, 1952Christmas music.BAR2888535LP 00564Baroque
Gabrieli, GiovanniNew York : Angel, 1956Canzon in echo duodecimi toni / Gabrieli ; revised Guiranna. Concerto in D major / Albinoni ; revised Giazotto. Concerto grosso in F major / Marcello ; revised Bonelli. Concerto in F major / Vivaldi ; revised Malipiero.BAR2888533LP 00565Baroque
Rossini, GioacchinoNew York City : Angel Records, 1954Sonata for violins, ‘cellos & double bass / Rossini ; revised Casella. Concerto no. 2 [i.e. no. 6] in B flat major / Galuppi ; revised Mortari. Concerto in A major [for violoncello and strings] / Tartini ; revised Ravanello. Introduction, aria, and presto / Marcello ; revised Bonelli.BAR2888548LP 00566Baroque / Classical
Beethoven, Ludwig vanNew York : Music Treasures of the World, 1955?Symphony no. 5 in C minor, op. 67 / Beethoven. Symphony no. 8, in B minor, “The unfinished” / Schubert.BAR2888660LP 00567Classical / Romantic
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusUnited States : Music Treasures of the World, 195-?Symphony in G minor, no. 40 (K. 550) / Mozart. Symphony in G major, no. 94 : the surprise (Paukenschlag) / Haydn.BAR2888569LP 00568Classical
Hindemith, PaulNew Haven, Connecticut : Overtone, 1953Collegium Musicum of Yale University, School of Music.BAR2888668LP 0056920th Century
Bach, Johann SebastianNew York : Esoteric, 1955The Siena pianoforte : Bach.BAR2888486LP 00570Baroque
Delâtre, Claude Petit JeanMusique en Wallonie 197-?Sixième livre de chansons.BAR2888559LP 00571Renaissance
Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichNew York : Music Treasures of the World, 1956Suite from the ballet The nutcracker : op. 71A / Tchaikovsky. Bolero / Ravel.BAR2888567LP 00572Romantic
Tatum, ArtNew York : Capitol, 1949Art Tatum.31153010078038LP 00573Jazz
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusNew York, N.Y. : RCA Gold Seal, ℗1975Six quartets dedicated to Hayden. Vol. 3 / Mozart.31153003696879LP 00574Classical
Strauss, RichardU.S. : Columbia, 1953?Waltzes from Der Rosenkavalier, op. 59 ; Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche : op. 28 / Richard Strauss.BAR2888577LP 0057520th Century
Krafft, Frans JozefArion, 1974Missa di Requiem Magnificat.BAR2888676LP 00576Classical
White, ErnestHagerstown, Md. : MP Möller, 195-?The organ in the studio of Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, New York.BAR2888679LP 00577Baroque / Classical
White, ErnestHagerstown, Md. : MP Möller, 195-?Music for the organ.BAR2888677LP 00578Romantic / 20th Century
Rathaus, KarolQueens CollegeStudent Compositions Concert : vol. I & II / Rathaus [sound recording]7606063-20LP 0057920th Century
Rathaus, KarolQueens CollegeStudent Compositions Concert : vol. I & II / Rathaus [sound recording]BAR2892686LP 0058020th Century
Kenton, StanHollywood, Calif. : Capitol, 1951Stan Kenton presents / featuring Stan Kenton and his orchestra.BAR2888566LP 00583Jazz
Corelli, ArcangeloNew York, N.Y. : Vox, 195512 church trio sonatas, op. 3 ; 12 chamber trio sonatas, op. 4 / Corelli.BAR2888530LP 00584Baroque
Bach, Johann SebastianUnited States : Renaissance, 195-?Der Streit zwischen Phoebus und Pan = The contest between Phoebus and Pan : Secular cantata no. 201 / Bach.BAR2888681LP 00586Baroque
Purcell, HenryU.S. : Period, 196-?Trio sonatas 1697 posth. / Purcell.BAR2888662LP 00588Baroque
Beethoven, Ludwig vanWestminster 1953The four overtures to “Fidelio” (“Leonora”).BAR2888674LP 00589Classical
Gluck, Christoph WillibaldLondon, 1954Orfeo ed Euridice : abridged verson / Gluck.BAR2888549LP 00590Classical
Still, William GrantNew York : New Records, 195-?Afro-American symphony : excerpts from Seven traceries ; Blues from Lenox Avenue ; Three visions / William Grant Still.BAR2888531LP 0059120th Century
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Vaughan Williams, RalphEngland: London, 1960Pastoral symphony / Vaughan Williams.BAR2888718LP 0060520th Century
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LP 00610Romantic / 20th Century
Bartók, BélaUnited States : Bartók Records, 1954Fourteen bagatelles, op. 6 ; Roumanian folk dances 1-6 ; Roumanian Christmas carols / Béla Bartók.BAR2888855LP 0061120th Century / Folk / World
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, FelixColumbia, 1954Symphony no. 3 in A minor, op. 56 (“Scotch”). Symphony no. 5, in D major, op. 107 (“Reformation”).BAR2888858LP 00613Romantic
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Brahms, JohannesNew York, NY : Westminster, ℗1951String quartet, C minor, op. 51, no. 1 / Brahms. Quartetsatz / Schubert.BAR2888865LP 00643Romantic
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Laporte, AndréBrussels : Cultura, ℗1974La vita non è sogno ; Nachtmuziek / Andre Laporte.BAR2888869LP 0064720th Century
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Bach, Johann SebastianCamden, N.J. : RCA Victor, 195-?Concerto in D minor for two violins and orchestra / J.S. Bach. Concerto no. 4, in D, K. 218 / Mozart.BAR2888880LP 00660Baroque
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Charpentier, Marc-AntoineWestminster, 1954Messe de minuit (Midnight mass).BAR2888890LP 00669Baroque
Debussy, ClaudeCamden N.J. : RCA Victor, 1955La mer ; Ibéria : (Images pour orchestre, no. 2) / Debussy.BAR2888891LP 0067120th Century
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Handel, George FridericNew York : Handel Society, 195-Julius Cesar = Giulio Cesare : opera in three acts / G.F. Handel.BAR2888545LP 00691Baroque
Strauss, RichardLondon: London, 1951?Symphonia domestica, op. 53.BAR2888568LP 00692Romantic
Khachaturi︠a︡n, AramColosseum, ©1953.Symphony no. 2.BAR2888572LP 0069320th Century
Beethoven, Ludwig vanLondon, 1960Sonata no. 23 in F minor, op. 57 “Appassionata.” Sonata no. 28, in A major, op. 101.BAR2888562LP 00694Classical
Beethoven, Ludwig vanLondon, 1950Concerto for piano and orchestra, no. 3 in C minor, op. 37.BAR2888536LP 00698Classical
Schubert, FranzEpic, 1957Quintet in A major, for piano and strings, op. 114, “The trout” (Forellen).BAR2888556LP 00699Classical
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Beethoven, Ludwig vanRCA Victor, 1955Sonata, no. 23, in F minor, op. 57 (“Appassionata”) / Sonata no. 8, in C minor, op. 13 (“Pathétique”).BAR2888563LP 00701Classical
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Bloch, Ernest, New York City : Vanguard, 1952.Israel symphony / Ernest Bloch.BAR2888544LP 0070320th Century
Debussy, ClaudeRCA VictorNocturnes- Nuages (clouds) Fêtes (festivals) Sirènes (sirens). Prelude to the afternoon of a faun (Prélude à l’apres-midi d’un faune). Clair de lune (moonlight).BAR2888678LP 0070420th Century
Haydn, JosephColumbia Masterworks, 1954Quartet, op. 76 no. 1[-6].BAR2888555LP 00705Classical
Mahler, GustavWestminster, 1952Symphony no. 5, in C sharp minor : Symphony no. 10, in F sharp major [i.e. minor].BAR2888575LP 00706Romantic
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Pergolesi, Giovanni BattistaUnited States : Vanguard, ℗1966Stabat Mater.BAR2888565LP 00709Baroque
Rimsky-Korsakov, NikolayLondon, 19–?Antar, symphonic suite, opus 9 / Rimsky-Korsakov. Stenka Razin, symphonic poem, op. 13 / Glazunov.BAR2888532LP 00710Romantic
Griffes, Charles TomlinsonChicago : Mercury, 1954The pleasure dome of Kubla Khan [sound recording] ; The white peacock : op. 7, no. 1 ; Clouds : op. 7, no. 4 ; Bacchanale, op. 6, no. 3 / Charles Tomlinson Griffes. Memories of my childhood–life in a Russian village ; Poem for orchestra (La bonne chanson) / Charles Martin Loeffler.BAR2888604LP 00712Romantic
Steen, GeertPro Civitate, ℗1974.Concours national de musique Pro Civitate, disque des laureats = Nationale muziekwedstrijd Pro Civitate, laureatenplaat.BAR2888585LP 00713Mixed works
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusNew York: Westminster, 195-?String quartets / Mozart.BAR2888642LP 00714Classical
Vives, AmadeoMadrid: Alhambra, 1970?Bohemios / G. Perrín, M. de Palacios [libretto] ; y A. Vives [music].BAR2888578LP 00715Romantic
Purcell, HenryAllegro, 195-?Te Deum. Jubilate in D. The “Bell anthem” (Rejoice in the Lord alway). O sing unto the Lord.BAR2888627LP 00716Baroque
Frederick II, King of PrussiaWestminster, 195-?Sonatas for flute and harpsichord.BAR2891484LP 00717Classical
Victoria, Tomás Luis deUnited States, Period, 1954Tomás Luis de Victoria.BAR2888654LP 00718Renaissance
Charpentier, Marc-AntoineBoston, Mass. : Haydn Society, 1953Te Deum ; Marche de triomphe, Air de trompette ; Leçon de ténèbres ; Oculi omnium / Marc-Antoine Charpentier.BAR2888898LP 00719Baroque
Handel, George FridericBoston, Mass. : Haydn Society, 1954Water music : complete / Handel.BAR2888899LP 00720Baroque
Victoria, Tomás Luis deNew York, N.Y. : Vox Productions, ©1954.Missa pro defunctis ; Magnificat in IV tones / Tomás Luis de Victoria.BAR2888900LP 00721Renaissance
Green, RayNew York : American Recording Society, 1953Sunday sing symphony / Ray Green. Concertato for orchestra / Peter Mennin. Epigraph / Norman Dello Joio.BAR2888901LP 0072320th Century
Couperin, FrançoisHaydn Society, 19543 tenebrae services for Holy Week Motet Audite omnes. Motet Pour le jour de pâques.BAR2888902LP 00724Baroque
Delius, FrederickNew York, N.Y. : Columbia Masterworks, 1953 or 1954A mass of life = Eine Messe des Lebens / Delius ; text: Friedrich Nietzsche.BAR2888903LP 0072520th Century
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusLondon Le nozze di Figaro The marriage of Figaro.BAR2888904LP 00726Classical
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusLondon Die Zauberflöte (The magic flute).BAR2888905LP 00727Classical
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusNew York, N.Y. : Columbia, 1955Symphony, no. 36, in C major, K. 425 (Linz) : the birth of a performance, Bruno Walter’s actual rehearsals and finished recorded performance. / with orchestral score. Mozart bicentennial commemorative issue 1756-1956.BAR2888906LP 00729Classical
Bach, Johann SebastianNew York, N.Y. : Westminster, 1953St. Matthew Passion : complete and unabridged / J.S. Bach.BAR2888911LP 00730Baroque
Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichNew York : RCA VictorNutcracker suite: op. 71a.BAR2891760LP 00731Romantic
Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichNew York, N.Y. : Columbia, 196-?Nutcracker suite : op. 71a ; The sleeping beauty : ballet music, op. 66 / Tchaikovsky.BAR2888912LP 00732Romantic
Blake, EubieNew York, N.Y. : New World Records, ℗1976Sissle & Blake’s Shuffle along : [an archival re-creation of the 1921 production, featuring members of the original cast].BAR2888913LP 00733Musicals
Wagner, RichardColumbia, 1951Die Walküre : Act III (Complete recording of the Bayreuth Festival Performance of Aug. 12, 1951).BAR2888664LP 00734Romantic
Stravinsky, IgorNew York : Columbia Masterworks, 1962Petroushka : [a burlesque in four scenes] / Stravinsky.BAR2888550LP 0073520th Century
Chopin, FrédéricNew York : Vox, 1955Etudes, opus 10 : (complete) ; Scherzo #1 in B minor, opus 20 / Chopin.BAR2888541LP 00736Romantic
Milstein, NathanHollywood, Calif.: Capitol Records, 1955Concerto no. 1 in D major, op. 19, for violin and orchestra / Prokofiev. Symphonie espagnole / Lalo.BAR2888538LP 00737Romantic
Brahms, JohannesLondon, 195-?Concerto no. 2 in B-flat major for piano and orchestra, op. 83 / Brahms.BAR2888539LP 00738Romantic
Brahms, JohannesColumbia, 195-Symphony no. 2, in D major, op. 73.BAR2888571LP 00739Romantic
Beethoven, Ludwig vanColumbia, 195-?The complete string quartets of Beethoven.BAR2888670LP 00740Classical / Romantic
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, FelixBridgeport, Conn. : Columbia, 1956Concerto in E minor for violin and orchestra, op. 64 / Mendelssohn. Concerto no. 4 in D major for violin and orchestra, K. 218 / Mozart.BAR2888671LP 00742Classical / Romantic
Scarlatti, DomenicoNew York : Columbia, 1955Sixty sonatas, in chronological order / Domenico Scarlatti.BAR2888560LP 00743Baroque
Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichNew York : RCA VictorSymphony no. 5 : in E minor, op. 64 / Tchaikovsky.BAR2888659LP 00747Romantic
Rachmaninoff, SergeiCamden, N.J. : RCA Victor, 1956Concerto no. 3, in D minor, op. 30 / Rachmaninoff.BAR2888672LP 00749Romantic
Rimsky-Korsakov, NikolayRCA Victor, 1949Scheherazade ; symphonic suite, op. 35.BAR2888558LP 00750Romantic
Bruch, MaxNew York : RCA Victor/Red Seal, 1956Concerto no. 2, in D minor, op. 44 / Bruch. Concerto no. 2, in D minor, op. 22 / Wieniawski.BAR2892131LP 00751Romantic
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, FelixNew York: RCA Victor, 1953Concerto in E minor, op. 64 / Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. Scottish fantasy / Bruch.BAR2892443LP 00755Romantic
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusNew York : Epic, 1956Concerto no. 2 in D major for violin and orchestra (K. 211) ; Concerto no. 5 in A major for violin and orchestra (K. 219) : “Turkish” / Mozart.BAR2888540LP 00756Classical
Shostakovich, Dmitriĭ DmitrievichBridgeport, Conn. : Columbia Masterworks, 1956Violin concerto, op. 99 / Shostakovitch.BAR2888576LP 0075720th Century
Schubert, FranzConcert Hall Society Sonata in A major, opus 120 Moments musicaux, opus 94.BAR2888561LP 00758Romantic
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, FelixNew York : Columbia, 1949?A midsummer night’s dream, op. 21 and 61 (Incidental music) ; Symphony no. 4 in A major, op. 90 (Italian) / Mendelssohn.BAR2888547LP 00760Romantic
Burleigh, H. T.New York : New World Records, ℗1976When I have sung my songs : [the American art song, 1900-1940].BAR2888665LP 00761Folk / World
Debussy, ClaudeNew York City : Angel, 1954Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune ; Marche écossaise ; Nocturnes / Debussy.BAR2892208LP 0076220th Century
Sibelius, JeanNew York: Columbia, 1951Finlandia : op. 26 ; the swan of Tuonela : op. 22, no. 3 / Sibelius.BAR2888673LP 00763Romantic
Schumann, RobertNew York, N.Y. : London, ©1950.Fantasiestucke, op. 12 / Schumann.BAR2888914LP 00764Romantic
New Art Wind QuintetNew York : Classic Editions, 195-?American woodwind symposium.BAR2890376LP 0078420th Century
Stamitz, KarlNew York, N.Y. : Classic Editions, 1952?The Mannheim school.BAR2890260LP 00785Classical
Brahms, JohannesNew York, N.Y. : Columbia Masterworks, 1956Double concerto in A minor for violin and ‘cello, op. 102 ; Variations on a theme by Haydn, op. 56a ; Tragic overture, op. 81 / Brahms.BAR2890534LP 00787Romantic
Thomson, VirgilUnited States : Columbia, 1954Three pictures for orchestra ; Five songs from William Blake : for baritone and orchestra / Virgil Thomson.BAR2890039LP 0078920th Century
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusNew York : Westminster, 1951Concerto for two pianos, E flat major, K. 365 ; Concerto for two pianos, F major, K. 242 / Mozart.BAR2888726LP 00790Classical
Ravel, MauriceEngland? : London, 1953?Concerto for left hand for piano and orchestra ; Concerto in G major for piano and orchestra / Ravel.BAR2888727LP 0079220th Century
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, FelixConcert HallPiano concerto no. 1 in G minor.BAR2890821LP 00793Romantic
Grieg, EdvardNew York : Music Treasures of the World, 196-?Concerto for piano and orchestra in A minor, op. 16 / Grieg. La Mer (The sea) / Debussy.BAR2890518LP 00796Romantic / 20th Century
Bizet, GeorgesMusic Treasures of the World, 1960Suite from Carmen / Vienna Festival Orchestra, Hans Swarowsky, conductor.BAR2892052LP 00797Romantic
Bach, Johann SebastianNew York : Bach Guild, 195-?Mass in B minor / J.S. Bach.BAR2888729LP 00798Baroque
Haydn, JosephHollywood, Calif. : Angel, 1966Symphony no. 88 in G major ; Symphony no. 104 in D major (London) / Haydn.BAR2888728LP 00799Classical
Dvořák, AntonínNew York : Music Treasures of the World, 195-?Concerto for violin and orchestra, op. 53 / Dvorak.BAR2890052LP 00800Romantic
Strauss, RichardMusic Treasures of the World, 195-?Don Juan, op. 20 / Strauss ; the moldau / Smetana. Symphony no. 3 in E-flat, op. 97 / Schumann.BAR2890766LP 00802Romantic
Saint-Saëns, CamilleNew York : Angel, 1954Concerto no. 2 in G minor, op. 22 / Saint-Saëns. Sonata no. 16 in B flat major / Mozart.BAR2888730LP 00803Classical / Romantic
Dvořák, AntonínUnited States : Musical Masterpiece Society, 195-?Symphony no. 5 [i.e. 9] in E minor : New World : opus 95 / Dvořák.BAR2888731LP 00805Romantic
Smetana, BedřichHollywood, Calif. : Capitol Records, 1956Quartet no. 1 in E minor, “From my life” / Smetana. Five novelettes, op. 15 / Glazounov.BAR2890002LP 00806Romantic
Haydn, JosephHaydn, Joseph, Angel Records, 195-Quartet no. 39 in C major, op. 33 no. 3 (“Bird”) Quartet no. 78 in B flat major, op. 76, no. 4 (“Sunrise”).BAR2888732LP 00807Classical
Chopin, FrédéricEngland: London, 195-?Chopin recital.BAR2888733LP 00809Romantic
London, GeorgeColumbiaOf Gods and demons.BAR2888734LP 00810Romantic
Horowitz, VladimirCamden, N.J. : RCA Victor, 1951Horowitz encores / Vladimir Horowitz.BAR2888735LP 00811Mixed
Schubert, FranzHis Master’s Voice (LHMV 1027)Impromptus : op. 90 and op. 142. Complete.BAR2888736LP 00812Romantic
Paganini, NicolòNew York, N.Y. : Columbia Entre, 1955Caprices, op. 1.BAR2888737LP 00813Romantic
Bloch, ErnestLondon, 1956Voice in the wilderness ; symphonic poem with ‘cello obligato. Schelomo ; Hebraic rhapsody for ‘cello and orchestra.BAR2888738LP 0081520th Century
Tcherepnin, AlexanderWest Germany: Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft, 1968Konzert für Klavier und Orchester, Nr. 2, op. 26 ; Konzert für Klavier und Orchester, Nr. 5, op. 96 / Alexander Tcherepnin.BAR2888739LP 0081620th Century
Ellsasser, RichardU.S.: MGM, 1953Organ music by modern composers.BAR2888843LP 0081820th Century
Tauber, RichardDecca, 1953Richard Tauber sings songs of reverence.BAR2888740LP 00819Mixed
Björling, JussiRCA Victor, 1953Jussi Bjoerling in song.BAR2888741LP 00820Romantic
Kreisler, FritzNew York : Columbia Masterworks, ©1949Kreisler favorites / Kreisler. Caprices, op. 1 / Paganini.BAR2888742LP 00822Romantic
Monteverdi, ClaudioHaydn Society, 1955Orfeo.BAR2888743LP 00824Baroque
Handel, George FridericBoston : Haydn Society, ©1952Concerto for strings and wind instruments in F ; Concerto for strings and wind instruments in B flat / Handel.BAR2888744LP 00826Baroque
Christoff, BorisCamden, N.H. : His Master’s Voice, 195-?Russian arias and songs.BAR2888745LP 00827Romantic
Haydn, JosephBoston, Mass. : Haydn Society, 195-Violin concerto in A (ca. 1765).BAR2888746LP 00828Classical
Rossini, GioacchinoCamden, N.J. : RCA Victor, 195-?William Tell : Act I : Passo a sei (dance).BAR2888747LP 00829Classical
Couperin, FrançoisNew York : Lyrichord, 1951Music for the harpsichord.BAR2888749LP 00832Baroque
Gabrieli, GiovanniCambridge, Mass. : Cambridge Records, 1953Motets from Symphoniae, libre I (1597), libre II (1612) / Giovanni Gabrieli.BAR2888750LP 00834Renaissance
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusNew York : Concert Hall Society, 195-Symphony no. 3 in E-flat major, K. 18 ; Symphony no. 13 in F major, K. 112 ; Symphony no. 15 in G major, K. 124 ; Symphony no. 16 in C major, K. 128 / Mozart.BAR2888751LP 00836Classical
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusNew York : Concert Hall, 1953Symphonies nos. 7, 8, 9, and 12 / Mozart.BAR2888752LP 00837Classical
Johnson, James PNew York: Columbia, 1962Father of the stride piano : James P. Johnson.BAR2888753LP 00838Jazz
Ives, CharlesSaratoga Springs, N.Y., Society of Participating Artists 195-Symphony #2.BAR2888754LP 0083920th Century
Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichCamden, N.J. : RCA Victor, 1955Concerto no. 1, in B-flat minor, op. 23 / Tchaikovsky.BAR2888755LP 00840Romantic
Strauss, RichardColumbiaConcerto no. 1 in E-flat major, for horn and orchestra. Op. 11.BAR2889465LP 00841Romantic
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LP 01023Romantic
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LP 01036Classical
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New York Pro Musica Antiqua. Primavera SingersU.S.: Period, 1954Anthology of Renaissance music.BAR2891348LP 01075Renaissance
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LP 0109420th Century
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LP 0119820th Century
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LP 01373Folk / World
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Dvořák, AntonínPhilharmonic Family Library Of Great Music, 195-Symphony no. 5 [i.e. no. 9] : “From the New World” / Dvorak.BAR2890368LP 01461Romantic
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, FelixPhilharmonic Family Library Of Great Music, 195-Midsummer night’s dream / Mendelssohn. Carmen fantasy for orchestra / Bizet.BAR2890367LP 01462Romantic
Beethoven, Ludwig vanPhilharmonic Family Library Of Great Music, 195-Concerto no. 5 in E-flat major “Emperor” / Beethoven. Symphonic variations / Franck.BAR2890370LP 01463Classical / Romantic
Liszt, FranzPhilharmonic Family Library Of Great Music, 195-Second Hungarian rhapsody / Liszt. Dance of the hours / Ponchielli. Slavonic dance no. 1 / Dvorak. Triumphal march from Aida / Verdi. Traumerei / Schumann. Roman Carnival / Berlioz. Ave Maria / Schubert.BAR2890365LP 01469Romantic
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Haydn, JosephNew York, N.Y. : Vox, 1964String quartets, Volume II / Haydn.BAR2888963
LP 01479Classical
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Moller, J. C.New York : Society for the Preservation of the American Musical Heritage, 1959Quartettos for two violins, tenor, and violoncello / John Christopher Moller.BAR2890615LP 01481Classical
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Haydn, JosephChicago : Mercury, 195-Symphony no 45 in F-sharp minor = Farewell / Haydn.BAR2890402LP 01483Classical
Tallis, ThomasNew York : Decca, 1959Sacred music of Thomas Tallis.BAR2889260LP 01486Renaissance
Tomkins, ThomasNew York, N.Y. : Expériences Anonymes, ℗1957Musica Deo sacra / Thomas Tomkins.BAR2890139LP 01487Renaissance
Isaac, HeinrichCounterpoint/Esoteric, 1956Motets from Choralis Constantinus, bk. III.BAR2889765LP 01488Renaissance
Cowell, HenryNew York : American Recording Society, 195-Symphony no. 5 / by Henry Cowell. Symphony no. 2, by Walter Piston.BAR2890531LP 0148920th Century
Sowerby, LeoAmerican Recording Society, 1953Prairie ; a poem for orchestra [and] From the Northland ; suite for orchestra.BAR2889462LP 0149020th Century
Ortiz, DiegoArchive Production, 1957Musica de violones.BAR2889579LP 01491Renaissance
Schreiner, AlexanderNew York : Society for the Preservation of the American Musical Heritage, 1959Choral music of the 18th and 20th centuries.BAR2888982LP 01492Baroque / 20th Century
Lasso, Orlando diVox, 1958St. Matthew Passion.BAR2889306LP 01493Renaissance
Handel, George FridericNew York City : Angel, 1957Israel in Egypt / Handel ; orch. Sargent.BAR2889640LP 01494Baroque
Davenport, LaNoueClassic Editions, 196-?Recorder music of the medieval, renaissance and baroque periods.BAR2889508LP 01495Mixed
Tomkins, ThomasNew York, N.Y. : Expériences Anonymes, 1957Songs and consort music / Thomas Tomkins.BAR2890133LP 01496Renaissance / Baroque
Scheidt, SamuelHamburg : Archive Production, 19586 works for organ from Tabulatura nova.BAR2889588LP 01497Baroque
Westrup, J. A.New York, N.Y. : RCA Victor, 1954History of music in sound. Vol. 4, The age of humanism.BAR2889283LP 01498Renaissance / Baroque
Handel, George FridericEpic, 1955Concerto grosso in G major, op. 6, no. 1 Concerto grosso, in B-flat major, op. 6, no. 7. Concerto grosso, in F major, op. 6, no. 2. Concerto grosso, in G minor, op. 6, no. 6.BAR2889340LP 01500Baroque

Computers and Printing

Circulating Technology

iPads, iPod Touches, and Tripods may be checked out by currently enrolled Queens College students.

Macbooks are not currently available at the Music Library. Please go to the Benjamin Rosenthal Library for PC laptops. 

Loan Period
iPad, iPod Touch, Tripod – 7 days
Overdue Fees
iPad, iPod Touch, Tripod – $15 per hour per item (including bag, charger, etc.) with a maximum fine of $140


Print jobs may be initiated from any college workstation in the Music Library.

There is a student photocopier located on each floor of the Music Library that makes 8½ x 11 and 8½ x 14 copies, and which can also scan materials to an email inbox free of charge. 

Printing is not free in the Music Library. Current students, staff, and faculty can print items from any computer in the Music Library to the pay-to-print station. You will be required to create a password to retrieve your materials at the pay-to-print station. Once you have sent materials to the printer, you will need to log into the pay-to-print station with the password you created and pay using your QC ID prior to receiving your printed materials. A QCard (college ID) or a Print Card (for non QC patrons), which can be purchased at the QCard Office in the One Stop Center, is required to pay for printing.

The photocopiers also use QCards (college ID) to pay for copies. To add money to your ID, go to the QCard Office.


The Music Library holds almost 1,300 reels of microfilm and 6,000 microcards. These include back issues of periodicals, doctoral dissertations, musicological and theoretical treatises, and other miscellaneous items. All microform materials are indicated by an MF or MC in front of the call number. These are located in special files near the circulation desk. Please ask for microfiche or microfilm materials at the circulation desk.

Music Acquisition Requests

If there is a book, score, recording, or video you would like to see included in the Music Library collection, please request for a Music Acquisition Request Form.

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