Here’s a quick round-up of our more trafficked tweets from November – there’s one outstanding tweet and then a bunch of good ones with evergreen content to keep you busy during the hibernation months ahead 🙂

Our outstanding tweet of the month with over 10k impressions was thanks to our friends at the Internet Archive & Cory Dcotorow retweeting our appreciation of their Library Leaders Forum 2020: Policy webinar – we really do consider this ‘must watch’ viewing.

GetApp is seriously one of the best lists around for all things software-for-business: operations, ecommerce, HR, and more. Warning: you’ll likely bookmark it and visit it often!

Pattern Collect is what it sounds like – and it’s one of the best at what it sounds like!

Origami simulator. Just go there. Have fun. Thank us later.



Seriously what are you waiting for? It’s an origami simulator!

Our final top tweet of the month is just a feel-good story, and will forever give us inspiration – thanks, NPR!