December was a surprisingly busy month for us in the lab – given that its finals month and a shortened month with the holidays. But we were busy! And its reflected in our Top Tweets for the month, the top two of three of which are about our own students successes, and all 3 of which are about 3D-printing. Congrats to our students on their finals and continued maker success.

Our #1 top tweet of the month featured students from Christopher Hanusa’s MATH-250 class – using Wolfram Mathematica to algorithmically produce 3D-prints and designs. (Since the publication of this tweet you can now check out the prints on display in the Lincoln cabinet in the hallway towards 300i in the Rosenthal Library – they’ll be on display until next Fall’s class exhibition.)

Our second top tweet of the month was also about mathmetical works-in-progress. Click through to the Instagram link for the full slideshow of images.

Our final top tweet for December is another 3D-printing success: a fractal pyramid constructed using a continuous string of filament – no retraction or break in the deposition. When a layer moves up on the Z axis the next layer starts right there, and it continued as such for 600+ layers!