Got spare time these days? Looking to be inspired by what other students are up to – having fun with games and better yet with game development!

Our friends at Wonderville recently hosted LIU Post’s B.F.A. in Digital Game Design and Development student showcase, featuring 22 student-made games – all available for free on — descriptions and links below. They streamed live gameplay for “dev discussion and commentary” on Twitch as well. Awesome stuff!

Where’s The Manager Alex Nicoletta Just a momma duck out shopping with her indestructible chicks
Manly Man Simulator Alex Nicoletta Chop some logs with your bros. Be a manly man.
Alien Baby Adoption Agency Brandon Jamison-Frankola Warning : Not all babies grow up to become doctors, some just want to destroy the world!
D.T.A.D. Brandon Jamison-Frankola Don’t text and drive! Open your eyes and stay in your lane, Buddy!
Reloading… Again Bryan Morris Solve a procedural maze filled with ghosts with a gun that takes 10 seconds to reload
Space Paint Bryan Morris A two player shooting game that uses the PS4 gyro and touchpad instead of standard buttons
Climb Spidder Climb! Chris Ortiz Forget what you know about holding a controller in this QWOP inspired climb.
Spoops 2: Even Spoopier Chris Ortiz Can you destroy the ghost king or will he be 2 spoopy 4 u?
Eat Your Greens: Second Helpings Christopher Chimenti Eat aliens and evolve into your final form
Untitled Looter Shooter Christopher Chimenti Collect some loot, shoot some cubes
Gamer Scorch Jack Decesare Run around GameStore destroying copies of your least favorite game, but don’t burn the employees!
Rogue Torpedo 2 Jack Decesare Duck and weave through debris and enemy torpedos
AOL Instant Maniac Mike Saladino Outrun Facebook in this glitchy platformer
Sgt in the World’s Greatest Air-force Mike Saladino Guzzle Monster and smoke some cigs in this lighthearted memoir game about Mike’s experience in the Air-force
10 Second Boss Nicholas Buscemi Every 10 seconds, the boss gets stronger, so be quick!
Shia LaBeouf Music Video Nicholas Buscemi Escape actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf in this game set to the Rob Cantor song
Stop The Chairs Nicholas Frank An homage to the greatest disaster in wrestling history
Lute Boxes Nicholas Frank An abstract testament to burnout
Through The Fire Patrick Simeon A brutal platformer set to Dragon Force
Operation Heavy Rain Patrick Simeon Command your soldiers in this entirely voice-controlled tactics game
Maze Crawler Tim McIntyre Let your Twitch viewers try and solve a maze
Twitch Vs Boss Tim McIntyre Another Twitch chat game, this time the chat works together to defeat a boss