UPDATE: the LIBRARY is currently CLOSED beginning Monday 3/16 – please see the Library homepage for any recent news or updates regarding re-opening of Rosenthal Library.

The following offer/opportunity is currently limited to #QCmakers (makerspace ‘members’) – these are students who have already undergone Orientation and regularly visit the makerspace.

As Queens College – and CUNY widely – prepares to go ‘online’ for ‘Distance Learning,’ we’ve recognized a few of our members suggest they are unprepared for various aspects of a ‘work from home’ lifestyle.

I know what that is like, having worked freelance for 7+ years in the boroughs, sometimes literally in different boroughs in the course of a work week.

One of the most daunting aspects of any ‘remote’ work situation is the network – the Internet.

If you have any control over your home router, I highly recommend plugging directly into your network for ‘bandwith heavy’ situations such as the livestreaming of classes.

A ‘hardwire’ (RJ45/ethernet cable) will be leaps and bounds more reliable than any wireless connection.

TL;DR: get yourself a cable!

The QC Makerspace has an abundance of ethernet cables – but we cannot support everyone. However if you are a #QCmakers member, we’ll do our best to provide you with a cable of appropriate length for your home network.

Figure out where you want to set up your home office – remember QC & CUNY are transitioning online for the remainder of the semester, so choose somewhere comfortable. Take a measurement, write it down, and stop by the QC Makerspace this Monday-Wednesday to get a free ethernet cable. If you don’t have a tape measure you can always use your person: your arms stretched out tip-to-tip is as long as you are tall. However tall you are, that’s your ‘wingspan’ measurement too. Measure from the router to your desk using your wingspan – don’t forget to account for running the cable down/up walls as needed. Add a few feet for assurance. Use that measurement to figure out how long of a cable you require. We’ll do our best to supply you with a cable to meet your needs.

GOOD LUCK #QCmakers!