Robert A. “Bob” Moog 

QC Class of ‘55, B.S. in Physics 

Bob Moog
Bob Moog

Bob Moog (1934–2005) was an electrical engineer and a pioneering figure in the world of electronic music. Initially a designer and producer of theremins, Moog gained renown as the inventor of the first commercial synthesizer: an eponymously named instrument that debuted in 1964. According to the Bob Moog Foundation, Moog’s groundbreaking synthesizer, which was designed in collaboration with composer Herb Deutsch and featured components that would become industry standards, “revolutionized almost every genre of music, offering performers new sonic possibilities in which to express their creativity.” Artists such as Mort Garson, Wendy Carlos, Herbie Hancock, and Keith Emerson have been known to use Moog synthesizers at various points in their careers. 


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