A while back we asked y’all if you could figure out where this multicolor 3D-print was headed:

If you guessed “Hello, World!” then you guessed correctly!

This “IRL” scratch block is the work of #QCmakers member and Computer Science undergraduate Ummaromana S. It measures approximately 2.5″ x 10″ — to achieve this on the MakerBot 5th gen 3D-printer (Ummaromana’s preferred machine) it was printed diagonally, taking into account the ~4mm raft for the print to adhere to. You can also see it was printed with 3 colors: purple, white, and black. This was achieved by pausing the print at each of the color changes and then swapping in the new filament color.

It’s a really smooth and good-looking print and it’s a great example of using physical objects to demonstrate block-based code programming and learning. Although let’s be honest this one is a bit big – but it’ll make a great mantlepiece!

Congrats to Ummaromana S. on a terrific 3D-print!