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Group Study Spaces

Rosenthal Library usually has several rooms available to students for group study on a first-come, first-serve basis. These rooms are available to currently registered Queens College students only.

Immediate use of a Group Study Room is made by presenting your valid Queens College ID at the Circulation Desk (located on Level 3 of the Library). If available, a room will be assigned to you for one 2-hour time block. If the room is in use a hold may be placed to secure the next available time slot. Room use, like book use, is assigned to your record in our automated circulation system. When a room is assigned to you, you will be handed a wooden block upon which the room number and policies governing Group Study Rooms is adhered. Upon completing your use of the room, the wooden block is to be returned to the Circulation Desk and the assignment of the room to your record will be released.

Should you wish to extend the use of the room you are required to return to the Circulation desk with your ID and the wooden block at the end of the 2 hours. The room will then be reassigned to you provided there are no other users awaiting use of the room.

No group should arrange for full- or half-day use without prior arrangement with the Library Administrative Office, Room 318. (Monday-Friday, 9–5).

If a group (or individual) is using the room without having had the room assigned through the automated system, they must yield to the group that has done so. An individual using a room may be asked to yield to a group at any time.

Building guards are authorized to enforce the policy by asking unassigned groups or individuals to vacate the room. Persons who do not comply with the guard's request will be reported to the Dean of Students; guests will be asked to leave the library.

Please observe these policies and share the facilities without need for interference by the building guard. Thank you.

For more information contact:

Prof. Simone Yearwood
Access Services Librarian

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