Group Study Rooms

Several group study rooms are available to currently registered Queens College students. They are located on Levels 3, 4, and 5.

Please use our online reservation system to reserve a room, or ask at the Level 3 Borrowing Desk for assistance. Log in using your Queens College CAMS user account and password. Doors are unlocked for easy access.

Reservations must be claimed within 15 minutes. If a room is vacant, and you are unable to make a reservation, please see the clerk at the Borrowing Desk on level 3.

Those using a room without a reservation must yield to groups with reservations. An individual using a room may be asked to yield to a group at any time. Building security officers are authorized to enforce the policy by asking unassigned groups or individuals to vacate the room.

Lights must remain on at all times during use and the door should be left open upon exiting.

Please observe these policies and share the facilities without need for interference by library staff. Please report any issues to staff at the Borrowing Desk on level 3.

Thank you

For more information, please contact:

Simone Yearwood on Email
Simone Yearwood
Chief Deputy Librarian , Queens College Libraries