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Photocopying & Printing

Print jobs may be initiated from any college workstation in the library, including the laptops circulated by the Multimedia Commons. General printing and copying services are located in the Print & Copy Center on Level 2. Printing and copying in the library is black and white, and only letter size paper (8½ x 11) is available.

Scanners for student use are located in the Multimedia Commons on Level 1.

Printing facilities for guests are available at the “Kiosk” stations located on every level of the library. Guest print cards can be purchased in the Print & Copy Center on Level 2.

Network Printing and Copying services are managed by the Office of Information Technology. For further questions and assistance related to these services contact the OCT help desk at (718) 997-4444.

Copyright Information

When photocopying materials protected by copyright, please consider the following informative resources:


During the semester, OCT staff are available in the Print & Copy Center Monday through Friday between 9AM and 6PM to help students who have questions about printing or copying. Check near the copiers.

Music Library

Print jobs may be initiated from any college workstation in the Music Library, including the laptops circulated by the Music Library.

  • The pay-to-print station is located on the bottom floor.
  • The photocopier is located on the main floor of the Music Library in the copy room and makes 8½ x 11 and 8½ x 14 copies and scan materials to an email inbox free of charge.

Printing is not free in the Music Library. Current students, staff, and faculty can print items from any computer in the Music Library to the pay-to-print station. You will be required to create a password to retrieve your materials at the pay-to-print station. Once you have sent materials to the printer, you will need to log into the pay-to-print station with the password you created and pay using your QC ID prior to receiving your printed materials. A Q-Card (college ID) or a Print Card (for non QC patrons), which can be purchased at the Q-Card Office in the One Stop Center, is required to pay for printing.

The photocopier also uses Q-Cards (college ID) to pay for copies. To add money to your ID, go to the Q-Card Office.

Rosenthal Library Level 1

Multimedia Commons

  • 2 microform readers (printing available — black-and-white only)
  • 2 scanners (one large format)

Rosenthal Library Level 2

Print & Copy Center

You can add money to your ID card or buy a guest print card from the machine located across from the stairwell on Level 1. Please note that guest cards will only work with the Kiosk Print Job release Station adjacent to the service desk in the Center.

  • 4 photocopy machines (black-and-white only)
  • 2 laser printers (black-and-white only) controlled by Print Job Release Stations
  • Scanner service is not currently available on Level 2

Other Photocopiers and Printers

Other photocopiers and printers — including a color printer — are available at “The Corner Pocket,” which is at the back of the Dining Hall close to the Music Building (Lefrak).

Printing is also available at all computer labs on campus.

For more information contact:

Mr. A.B. Chitty
Library Systems Officer

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