MultimediaThe Multimedia Commons houses a variety of material, equipment, and facilities. Laptops for use by Queens College students can be borrowed here, and the Library’s VHS and CD-ROM audio, video, and digital text collections are housed and screened on the media viewing workstations here. Microforms can be paged and used in this area and assistance is provided for the adjacent Educational Curriculum Center. We are open at all times the Rosenthal Library is open.

Video Requests

For use by Queens College Faculty only.

  • Please use this form to request videos for classroom showing from any CUNY library including Queens College. NOTE: Some CUNY Schools do not lend their video titles.
  • All video requests must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance.
  • Please keep in mind that the probability of obtaining a film outside of the CUNY consortium is significantly lower than acquiring them from a CUNY school.
  • An email confirmation regarding the status of a video request may take up to 3 business days. If you do not receive an email from Media at least (7) days before your requested Show date please contact David Reyes by telephone at (718) 997-3712.
  • When your film has arrived you will receive an email stating when you can pick up the video.
  • Remember to reserve desired classroom equipment with OCT, Kiely 226. 718-997-5960.

Multimedia Commons Services

Videos for Classroom Use
Queens College Faculty may request QC and CUNY-owned videos for classroom showing. To ensure availability, we recommend at least three weeks advance booking. Consult the Faculty Video Use Policy below for further information.
Small Group Viewing
Queens College students can review course-related visual materials in the small group viewing areas in the Multimedia Commons. Areas are available on a first-come, first served basis to two or more present students. Bring items checked out from the Borrowing desk or title and call number information to retrieve non-reserve items from the multimedia collection.
Finding Media in the Online Catalog
The CUNY Catalog includes records for all materials held in CUNY.
Search tip: When using the CUNY Catalog click on “Guided Search” and select the appropriate “record type” for various material formats. Then enter a topic in the keyword field (for example, the keyword “Paris” along with the record type “film” to find QC-owned videos and other visual resources about Paris).
Multimedia Research Consultation
The Media Librarian is available to advise and consult with students and faculty on selections for classroom use or individual use. The librarian can help you focus on topics and identify media that meet your research needs. Upon request the Media Librarian can provide a custom-made, annotated mediagraphy for faculty on a given topic.
Circulation Privileges
Most materials in the Multimedia Commons, such as videos and CD-ROMs, may be charged out directly from the Multimedia Commons Service Desk. Loan periods vary. Read the Borrowing Policies or consult with Library staff to get more details.
Computing/Internet Access
All computer use is subject to the Queens College computer user guidelines.
Master’s Theses
Master’s degree candidates who need to submit their Master’s theses for binding can do so by going to the Multimedia Commons.

  • Bring three copies of the thesis along with a bursar’s receipt for $25.00.
  • Make sure that the sponsor’s signature is on the front of the thesis and that the pages are in the right order.
  • Your department will notify you when your bound thesis has been received.

Collections & Equipment

The Multimedia Commons has a variety of equipment that supports the Center’s resources. Included are video viewing stations, microfilm/fiche readers and printers, microprint readers, CD and audiocassette players, DVD players, and headphones. The Center also has for loan, the following equipment:

The iPad 4th Generation is available for loan to Queens College Students only. The loan period will be three days and includes a carrying bag, charger and lightning to USB cable. There are several pre-installed apps and you can install more by creating an Apple id.
The Multimedia Commons carries several Dell and HP laptops that are available for loan to both undergraduate and graduate Queens College students. Students may borrow a laptop for either a short term, which is five hours maximum, or for a long term (Selected Dells), up to three weeks. For each laptop loan, the laptop will come with a carrying bag and its laptop charger. Supplementing a laptop loan, students can also request a mouse, headphone, and SDHC Card Reader as well. All laptops include pre-installed Microsoft Office 2010.
GoPro Hero 3+
The GoPro Hero 3+ features video resolutions up to 4K, and 12MP photos up to 30 frames per second, with built-in Wi-Fi, SuperView™ (wide angle view) and Auto Low Light modes. With sharper images, low distortion, and improved audio, the Hero 3+ edition will give you professional quality video/images with the convenience of a faster Wi-Fi connectivity to your remote (Controls up to a distance of 180m) or GoPro App. Battery Life is estimated to be about one hour and a half on a full charge. Each GoPro loan will come with its retail box, USB cable, Wi-Fi remote, 32GB Micro SD card, and a USB cable to charge the Wi-Fi remote. The loan period for GoPro is seven days.
Media Commons also possess an ample amount of SONY HANDYCAM Camcorders, which are only available for loan to Queens College students enrolled in specific Education courses. Each camcorder holds 8GB of internal memory, a MicroSD Memory card slot for expansion, Built-in USB cable, Wide LCD Screen, and the option to record HD, MP4, or Standard Quality. Recording in HD with only 8GB internal memory will give about one hour of recording time, in Standard Quality will give about two hours, and in MP4 Quality will give around three hours, meanwhile battery life will last up until an hour or so. Each camcorder loan will come with its retail box, AC adapter, and a USB extension cable. The loan period for camcorders is seven days.
Digital Cameras
Media owns five 10 Megapixel Canon Power Shot A480 Digital Cameras. Each Digital Camera is loaned out with a Camera Kit. The Camera Kit comprises 9 essential items: 4GB SD Memory Stick, 4 Rechargeable Batteries, Battery Charger, Audio/Visual Cable, Camera Pouch, Camera Carrying Case, USB Cable, Camera Manual, and Tripod. None of the items within the Camera Kit can be checked out separately. The loan period for the Digital Cameras, which can only be borrowed by Queens College students, is 7 days.
TI-83 Plus
The TI-83 Plus is a calculator produced by Texas Instruments. Serving as an upgrade to the TI-83, it has all the features of a scientific calculator as well as advanced graphing capabilities.
Audio Cassettes
Our collection includes audio cassettes covering several subjects, including music, literature, instructional tapes, etc.
The collection complements the liberal arts curriculum. Some of these include periodicals and discs to accompany books in our collection.
Music CDs for teaching elementary grades are available for both in-house and off-campus use. All other CDs are housed in the Music Library.
Government Data
We house a large collection of US government publications, published in CD-ROM format by various government agencies including Bureau of the Census, Department of Agriculture, Geological Survey, Department of Commerce, and others.
The microform holdings include microfilm, microfiche, and microcards. These encompass many journal titles, the complete New York Times from 1851 to the present, foreign language newspapers, ERIC documents, Early American Imprints, English and American Drama of the 19th Century, and other collections.
Tests on Microfiche from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) provides microfiche copies of certain unpublished tests as a service to educators and psychologists.
TOEFL Collection
The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) includes texts and audiocassettes designed to help students for whom English is a second language.
Video/DVD Collection
The Library holds over 2500 videos and DVD’s. This is a collection strong in African-American Studies, American History, Sociology, Latin American Studies, Geography, Dance, Education, Art, Chinese Cinema, and the Sciences. All videos are indexed in the CUNY Catalog.
Search tip: When using the CUNY Catalog click on “Command Search” and enter “wpd=v” or “wpd=m” to view all of the visual materials (v = video and m = motion picture) owned by the library.

Borrowing Policies

Loan Period and Limits

Magazines and journals, with the exception of some juvenile titles, may not leave the Library. However, many items in the Multimedia center may be borrowed, such as most videos and materials in the ECC. Loan periods for different types of materials vary considerably. Please note, the limit for videocassettes and educational music (Connections) CDs is three per patron. Consult with staff for further information.


  • Videocassettes: $10 per day late fee (maximum of $100).
  • If item is lost or returned too damaged to be used, the fine is the actual cost of item plus a $25 service charge (maximum $300).
  • More than $5 in fines will block patrons’ Library privileges throughout all CUNY libraries.
  • All persons borrowing material(s) are responsible for maintaining the condition of the item(s). Patrons who return damaged or inoperable materials are liable for fair market value replacement costs as well as processing and applicable overdue fines.

See Borrowing Services for a listing of who can borrow materials and for all other formats besides videocassettes.

Faculty Video Use Policy

Almost all videos in the Library’s collection may be borrowed by all persons with Queens College Library borrowing privileges. Loan periods will vary from three hours to a maximum of seven days for most of the video collection: You may always come to the Queens College Library to borrow one.

Queens College Faculty who wish to use a video in their courses have two other options as well.

CUNY Owned Videos in the Classroom

Queens College faculty may request any video owned by a CUNY Library including Queens College by submitting a request online or using the form available in the Library’s Multimedia Commons.

  • Use the CUNY Catalog to determine the title of the video as well as the CUNY school that owns it.
  • Be sure to provide at least one alternate use date in case it is unavailable for your initial requested time.
  • As many of these videos may be borrowed by others, we recommend at least three weeks advance notice.
  • The Library does not provide equipment for the classrooms. For a classroom showing make sure you also contact OCT to reserve viewing equipment (Kiely Hall Room 226, 718-997-5960).
  • Your video request will be confirmed by email as soon as we determine its availability.

Videos and the Reserve Library

  • Queens College Library videos may be placed on Reserve.
  • All videos placed on Reserve must comply with Library Reserve Guidelines.
  • Reserve Library video users have priority at most Library previewing stations.
  • Previewing stations may not be reserved.
  • No other Library’s videos may be placed on Reserve.

For more information, please contact:

Simone Yearwood on Email
Simone Yearwood
Chief Deputy Librarian , Queens College Libraries