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LIB 170, Writing and Library Research Methods:

Ethnic Identity

Ethnic Identity

Spring Semester 2017

3 credits, fulfills the College Writing 2 Requirement
Tuesdays & Thurssdays, 10:45 AM – 12 PM

Course Description

Can one's ethnic identity ever be fully explored? How we identify with our ethnicity and others' will be the lens upon which we will be writing and conducting research in this course. In reading assignments and in class, we will explore ethnic narratives as expressed through formal writing and informally through diaries, interviews and oral histories. We will bring our own stories into the writing process. While doing so, we will utilize library resources to inform our writing as to meaningful inquiry, authority and knowledge discovery.


Successful completion of English 110.

Course Information:

Course code number: 11190 Room number: Rosenthal 300i

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(718) 997-3747

Ms. Christine Marrero
Office Manager

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