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LIB 170, Writing and Library Research Methods:

The Romantic Age, 1770–1840

Spring Semester 2018

3 credits, fulfills the College Writing 2 Requirement
Tuesdays & Thurssdays, 10:45 AM – 12 PM

Course Description

Inspired by rebels and revolutionaries, the cultural and intellectual movement known as Romanticism began a period of transformative political and social change in Europe, the Americas, and beyond. We will ponder the nature of Romanticism, how it inspired change-makers and frightened change-deniers.

We will engage with concepts, texts, and personalities that illustrate how Romanticism moved beyond old traditional ways of thinking and being. Within this age of romantic revolution we will do research using a wide variety of sources, and write in several forms and styles about topics in romantic creativity, such as political and social thinking, literature and journalism, art and music, invention and exploration. Through our shared research and writing we may understand better how the Romantic Age began our modern world and remains relevant today.


Successful completion of English 110.

Course Information:

Course code number: 64427 Room number: Rosenthal 300i

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