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LIB 100: Information Literacy

Improve your Library Research Skills!

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(7–8 week course — One Credit)

Spring 2016

The Library 100 course is designed to enable students to access and retrieve information using a variety of print and electronic resources. Students will learn how to recognize a specific information need; initiate a search strategy; successfully employ various searching techniques; assess the information found; synthesize the information, and properly quote and list the information found in their research. Students will also learn how to critically evaluate information sources and gain an appreciation for differing points of view. Through lectures, hands-on demonstrations and assignments, students will gain an understanding of the process of doing basic research, skills that can aid them in lifelong learning.

Course Schedule


Tuesday 10:05am–11:55am Luann Lupia RO-101A
Tuesday 12:10pm–2:00pm Luann Lupia RO-101A
Wednesday 1:40pm–3:30pm Faithe Ann Scobbo P-206
Thursday 8:00am–9:50am Yasmin Solomon RO-101A
Friday 8:00am–9:50am Danielle Lord RO-101A

Library 100 Useful Information

The LC Easy tutorial is available on all Library Dell laptops for loan.

For more useful resources, please see this group of QC Library Tutorials or our Glossary of Library Terms.

The Instructional Services Office (RO 224) is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 2pm.

For scheduling, registration, or more information contact:

Ms. Christine Marrero
Office Manager

Prof. Nancy Foasberg
Coordinator of Instructional Services


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