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Rosenthal Library Resources for Music Education

1st FLOOR Media Center

Room Use Only copies of the teacher's editions of the music education textbook series The Music Connection are kept behind the service desk. The desired grade level text may be requested for lesson plan preparation. This series spells out objectives, equipment needed, and steps to achieve the desired goals.

Sets of music CDs for each grade are also kept at the desk. Some grades have extra copies that may be borrowed with a library card for a week. Otherwise, a CD player is available to hear the music used in the lesson plans.

Education Curriculum Center (ECC)

Many supplementary resources may be borrowed from this room adjoining the Media Center. The oversized drawers contain mounted pictures on a variety of subjects (see the brochure of picture subjects available near the drawers). Teaching aids on the large shelves, such as rhythm instrument sets and Big Books, can also be useful. Children's periodicals are on the wall shelves around the corner from the entrance. The “literary journals” (Cricket, Spider, & Ladybug) have some songs (these journals can be checked out).


3rd FLOOR (Main Floor) Reference Desk

If unsure where to begin, start here for assistance to the various resources.


Computers with access to various Internet resources are available on this floor. The Library Home Page has links to Subject Web sites in both Education and Music. Browse for lesson plans and other ideas.

Children's Song Indexes

Need the music and lyrics to a song on a special topic? Some book and online sources can point out other books that have music and lyrics. The following books are in the Rosenthal Library reference section:

  • The Children's Song Index, 1978–1993 (Ref ML128 S3 C55 1996)
  • Index to Children's Songs: A Title, First Line, & Subject Index (Ref ML128 S3 P48)

The following site offers a subject guide to many children's songs. With appropriate plugins the music may be heard for songs without copyright.


4th FLOOR Juvenile Collection

Children's song books, both collections & individual picture books, can be found here, as well as children's biographies of musicians & other information about music.

Textbook Collection

Just past the Juvenile Collection can be found annotated teacher's editions of older music education textbooks, grades K-8, with additional lesson plans. They will be in the numerical category Text 5.


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