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Mathematics Education Resources

Curriculum Bulletins

New York City
A link to the City Department of Education with resources and support for the development and implementation of mathematics.
New York State
A link to state standards & resources for teaching mathematics.
Common Core State Standards
A link to the common core state standards for teaching mathematics K-12.
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Web site of the professional teacher organization. Its Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (Ref QA 13 .P735) is available in hard copy in the library reference collection on the main floor.
Kraus Curriculum Development Library
A searchable online collection of curricula from all over the country. Most (1983-2000) are available in microfiche format, but, with the 20th edition (2001), many curricula are available full text online (some earlier materials are being made available full text). If the curriculum is not available full-text the document number of the fiche is given and can be located in the Education Curriculum Center (ECC) on the first floor of Rosenthal Library (Room 109B). Fiche reader/printers in the adjoining Media Center are available to take notes and photocopy.



Sets of teacher's annotated editions of textbooks are in a collection just beyond the 4th floor Juvenile Collection. They are arranged by curricular topic, assigned a number, and then alphabetical by publisher. Each publisher set is then arranged in grade order. The most relevant textbook ranges for mathematics are:

  • 70 - Arithmetic (Mathematics, Elementary)
  • 71 - Algebra
  • 72 - Geometry
  • 73 - Trigonometry
  • 74 - Calculus

A set that can serve either as a textbook or supplementary resource is Investigations in Number, Data, & Space developed at TERC (Technical Education Research Centers). The 1st edition is in the regular 4th floor circulating collection under the call number LT 4400. The 2nd edition is in the 4th floor Textbook collection (Text 70 P5I – letter P, number 5, letter I.)



Some years are available full-text online as indicated. The most recent hard copies can be located by call number on the library 1st floor. Use the ERIC database to determine which journal has articles on the desired topic.

Teaching children mathematics
Queens - Periodicals Level 1 - QA135 .A61
Mathematics teaching in the middle school
Queens - Periodicals Level 1 - QA13 .M37
Mathematics teacher
Queens - Periodicals Level 1 - QA1 .N28
Journal for research in mathematics education
Queens - Periodicals Level 1 - QA11 .A1 J68
Educational studies in mathematics
For the learning of mathematics: An international journal of mathematics education
Queens - Periodicals Level 1 - QA11 .A1 F67
Journal of mathematical behavior
From 1995 to present in ScienceDirect Journals
International journal for mathematics teaching and learning
From 2000 to present in Directory of Open Access Journals
International journal for technology in mathematics education
From 2004 to present in ProQuest Research Library
From 07/01/2004 to present in Education Research Complete
International journal of science and mathematics education
From 03/15/2003 to present in SpringerLink Contemporary
From 2005 to 1 year ago in Education Full Text
From 12/01/2008 to 1 year ago in Education Research Complete
Mathematics teaching
Yearbook - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Queens - Stacks Level 5 - QA1 .N3 (hard copies may be checked out)


Lesson Plans

Links to these are on the Education Curriculum Center page.


Teaching Aids

Math manipulatives (Cuisenaire Rods, Geoboards, etc.) may be borrowed from the 1st floor Education Curriculum Center. They can be browsed in a Command Search through the CUNY Catalog using (wcl=eta) and mathematics.

Guides to Children's Books

The Wonderful World of Mathematics: a Critically Annotated List of Children's Books in Mathematics, 2nd ed. (Ref Z6651. W66 1998)

Use the CUNY Catalog to check if the library owns the books suggested in the guides.


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