Finals Week: 24 Hour Library Access

Rosenthal Library will be open 24 hours a day for finals week!

Here are the details:

Beginning Friday, December 13, Rosenthal Library will remain open continuously until 8 pm on Friday, December 20.

Access to Rosenthal Library will be granted to Queens College and CUNY students who provide valid ID, which will be checked at the library entrance.

As an alternative form of ID, QC students may provide their EMPLID ID number and an official State ID card. Other CUNY students must provide a valid CUNY ID to be granted access to the library. There will be no exceptions.

Prior to midnight, students will have use of the entire library. After midnight, Public Safety officers will direct everyone to the first three floors of the building.

We hope this makes studying more convenient and wish you the best of luck on your final exams!




Reserving Library Classrooms

The library is closed until further notice and no physical spaces can be reserved at this time.

Questions and Assistance

By email:

We are located in Rosenthal 339, across from the Borrowing Desk. Regular hours are Monday-Friday, 9 AM-3:45 PM.

Policies and Procedures

Library instruction and related uses have priority.  See the Classroom Information section of our Library Policies and Procedures Guide for all the details.

Our Master Space Plan

Theses & Binding


As a service to Queens College students, the Library will bind three copies of a Master Thesis (one each for the student, the Department, and the Reserve Library) at a cost of $35. Four copies can be bound at a cost of $55, and five for $60. Theses should be dropped off at the Borrowing desk, Rosenthal Library, during service hours.

When depositing the theses in the Library, students are requested to do the following:

  1. Have pages in the proper order;
  2. Have sponsor’s original signature on the first page of each copy;
  3. Bring the copies of the Bursar’s receipt.

Please note that we only accept receipts that are not over 60 days old.Theses are sent for commercial binding. It takes approximately six to ten weeks for bound theses to arrive in the issuing department. Graduates should communicate with their departmental secretary after six weeks in order to arrange for pick-up at the academic department.


Queens College has master’s theses contributed by graduate students from a wide range of academic departments. Many current graduate students find them useful as a guide to style and composition when writing their own thesis.

Most of these theses are available at the main Borrowing desk. Theses in art and music subjects are located in the Art Library or the Music Library, respectively, and must be requested at those libraries.

Theses copies can be used in the Library only. Contact the Borrowing desk ahead of time to schedule an appointment for viewing these items. Specify the call number of the item you will want to see. The Borrowing Desk can be emailed at:

Finding the Call Number of the Theses You Want

Queens College master’s theses are listed in the CUNY Catalog.

Enter the phrase Queens College Masters Theses in the search box; then add to this phrase a word for the topic or the name of the department in which the thesis was completed. Note that the catalog rejects apostrophes.

If you require additional assistance consult with a reference librarian in Research Services who can assist you with your search strategy.

For more information, please contact:

Kenneth Rosenberg on Email
Kenneth Rosenberg
Acquisitions Librarian , Queens College Libraries

Group Study Rooms

Several group study rooms are available to currently registered Queens College students. They are located on Levels 3, 4, and 5.

Please use our online reservation system to reserve a room, or ask at the Level 3 Borrowing Desk for assistance. Log in using your Queens College CAMS user account and password. Doors are unlocked for easy access.

Reservations must be claimed within 15 minutes. If a room is vacant, and you are unable to make a reservation, please see the clerk at the Borrowing Desk on level 3.

Those using a room without a reservation must yield to groups with reservations. An individual using a room may be asked to yield to a group at any time. Building security officers are authorized to enforce the policy by asking unassigned groups or individuals to vacate the room.

Lights must remain on at all times during use and the door should be left open upon exiting.

Please observe these policies and share the facilities without need for interference by library staff. Please report any issues to staff at the Borrowing Desk on level 3.

Thank you

For more information, please contact:

Simone Yearwood on Email
Simone Yearwood
Chief Deputy Librarian , Queens College Libraries

Off-Campus Access

All Queens College students, staff, and faculty can access to the libraries’ electronic resources off-campus. To use databases and electronic resources while off-campus you must verify affiliation with Queens College by entering an active QCard library barcode number when prompted.

How to Authenticate

To gain access to the libraries’ electronic resources you must have an active QCard library barcode, which is how the system identifies you with Queens College.

IMPORTANT: To activate your library barcode you must visit the borrowing desk in person, at either the Rosenthal Library (level 3) or the Music Library.

You can also contact us at

If you have ever checked out a book you have already completed this step.

Logging in

On the log-in page, you will be asked to enter your barcode. See the example below:

Off-Campus Proxy Login ScreenUnsuccessful Log-in Attempts

If you cannot get past the log-in screen:

  • You might be entering an incorrect QCard library barcode number. Please double check!

If you are still unsuccessful, there may be an issue with your account that is preventing access.

Report a Technical Problem

We’re here to help if you run into a technical problem.

  • Make sure your QCard barcode is activated. For questions, contact
  • If your QCard barcode is active and clear of library fines use the E-Issues Reporting Form:

For more information, please contact:

Kenneth Rosenberg on Email
Kenneth Rosenberg
Acquisitions Librarian , Queens College Libraries

Computers & Printing


Desktops for students are on Level 3 and Level 2. Each level also has a kiosk computer near the elevators.

Over 50 laptops with MS Office software can be checked out at the Borrowing Desk for off-campus use, along with other multimedia equipment. Some laptops circulate for up to 21 days.

Printing & Scanning

Computing and Printing Information Technology Services manages a Print & Copy Center on Level 2. Printing is also available at all computer labs on campus.

In-person help is available Monday through Friday between 9AM and 6PM during the semester. At other times, contact the ITS help desk at (718) 997-4444.

Print jobs may be initiated from any public computer, and from campus computer labs.

Guests can send print jobs from the kiosk stations located on every level of the library.

Guest print cards can be purchased in the Print & Copy Center.

Simone Yearwood on Email
Simone Yearwood
Chief Deputy Librarian , Queens College Libraries



The Library provides numerous services to assist students and faculty in their work. Many services involve Borrowing traditional materials, such as books, from the QC libraries, other CUNY libraries, or from libraries around the country through Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad).

A full range of Computing options are available including laptops for loan, wireless Internet access, and standard pc workstations with Office applications.

Queens College is committed to ensuring full access for all library patrons. If you have a disability and require assistance accessing library materials, please go to the Borrowing Desk at the main entrance on Level 3.

Services to Students with Disabilities

The Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library, completed in 1988, is an architecturally barrier-free facility: rampways, quad handled doors, and punch-pad doors at each ground-level public entry promote easy access to the building. Elevators to all levels and wide main aisles give access to all six floors. Wheelchair accessible rest rooms and water fountains further facilitate full use of the building for all patrons.

The library houses an assistive technology workstation equipped with Zoomtext, Freedom Scientific Jaws, Microsoft Office, Kurzweil 3000, Adobe Acrobat Reader, SPSS, and TextHelp, and also two Optelec readers for the visually impaired. The equipment is installed in the Library Media Center, Room 101, adjacent to the elevator bank on Level 1. The library also provides eight (8) wheelchair-accessible workstations in the Library Computer Commons on Level 2.

When necessary, materials may be paged from the main floor Borrowing desk. The Queens College Libraries cooperate closely with the campus Office of Special Services for Students with Disabilities. Individual tours can be arranged for students registered with this Office. It can be reached at 718.997.5870 or by email:

Asking for Help

If the answer to your question is not listed below, then please use the following to ask for help:

Questions About Library Services

How do I login with my laptop?
You need a wireless card to connect to the campus network and the Internet, and a QC computer account to access library resources. Information about using the campus network can be found on the Queens College Computing page.
How do I get a Blackboard account?
Go to the The BlackBoard Course Management System.
Do you have scanners?
Library scanners are located on Levels 2 and 3.
What is the CUNY portal?
The CUNY portal is a gateway to all things CUNY: College websites, information about applying to CUNY, registering for classes, events, campus directories, etc. For more information visit the CUNY portal site.
Where is the Bookstore?
The Queens College Bookstore is only accessible online.

Library Policies

Queens College does not discriminate against any student on the basis of pregnancy or related conditions. Absences due to medical conditions relating to pregnancy will be excused for as long as deemed medically necessary by a student’s doctor and students will be given the opportunity to make up missed work. Students needing assistance can seek accommodations from the Office of Accessibility or Title IX Coordinator.

Quiet, Please

Levels 4, 5, and 6 of the Library have been designated for quiet study. Please be quiet in these areas.

Group Study Rooms Available

Please inquire at the Borrowing Desk, Level 3.

Power Cords and Public Safety

When using a portable computer or other electronic device, please do not lay power cords across pathways.

Cell Phone Use

Please do not use cell phones in Quiet Areas.

What You Can Do

  • Do not talk on cell phones in designated quiet areas
  • Dispose of your trash properly
  • Report any spills to library staff for clean-up
  • Cooperate with library staff and Campus Security personnel

Please respect your fellow library users and your Library. Help make Rosenthal Library a cleaner, healthier, and better place to study and work!

For more information, please contact:

Alexandra Deluise on Email
Alexandra Deluise
Research Services Coordinator , Queens College Libraries