Music Library Book Sale

The Queens College Music Library will hold a book sale October 30 between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm in the Atrium of the Aaron Copland School of Music. You’ll find books on music, scores, and recordings (CDs, DVDs, LPs, Cassettes, VHS tapes, etc.) Hard-cover books and scores will be $3.00, soft-cover $2.00, and recordings will be $.50 per LP/cassette, $1.00 per CD, $2.00 per DVD, and $.50 per VHS tape.
All proceeds fund the purchase of new books, scores, and recordings. Items in the sale are donations to the Music Library. Contact the Music Library at 718.997.3900 for additional details, or to donate materials. Please note that we are no longer able to accept donations of LPs.

Music Library Study Rooms

Music Library Study Room Policies & Procedures

The Music Library has two rooms (125a and 125c) available to students for group study (for no more than 8 people at a time) on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. Only patrons with a valid Queens College ID may use these rooms.

Patrons may reserve rooms via the online reservation system with their Queens College user account. If the room is empty, you may use it without a reservation. Classes, senior concentration exams, and room reservations will take priority over walk-in requests.

To reserve a room, use your QC/CAMS account to log in.

Rooms can be reserved for up to two hours at a time. You may “renew” the room by checking in with the circulation desk. If the room has not been reserved for classes or other use you may continue using it. If not, you will need to vacate the room prior to the next class or reservation.

When using group study rooms please observe the following guidelines:

  • The rooms will be closed one hour before closing.
  • Patrons must vacate the room for scheduled classes and for those who reserved the room online.
  • Please keep the rooms clean and tidy.
    • If you use the whiteboard, please erase it.
    • If you have trash, please throw it away in a trash can outside of rooms 125a and 125c.
  • Please do not bring or eat food in the room.
    • Only drinks in sealable containers, such as screw-top bottles, are allowed (paper coffee cups with lids are not allowed).
  • Please keep the noise to a minimum as a courtesy of those using the Media Center. The study rooms are not soundproof.
    • If you would like to listen to music or watch a video please, please use your personal headphones or check out headphones from the circulation desk. The speakers in both rooms are not for student use without permission from the Music Library staff.
    • The pianos may not be used. If you need a piano, please request a practice room from the Aaron Copland School of Music office.
  • Please keep the doors unlocked and blinds up.
    • Campus security and library staff reserve the right to enter the room at all times.
  • Inappropriate behavior or failure to comply with these policies will result in the loss of study room access.

For more information contact

Music Library Giving

Monetary Donations

Private donations from alumni, members of the Queens College community, and the wider community provide much-needed support for the Music Library. Donations of any amount are helpful and allow us to purchase more materials for the Music Library collections (such as scores, books on music, recordings (CDs and DVDs), reference materials, facsimiles, etc.). For donations given in honor or memory of someone, the name(s) of the donor or the honoree will be included in the record in the CUNY Catalog and the donor will receive a letter acknowledging the donation.

Anyone who donates $50 or more to the Library through the Friends of the Library is entitled to borrowing privileges for one year.

Visit the Queens College Foundation for Giving Opportunities, to make a donation online with a credit card, or for additional giving options.


An endowment is a permanent gift that keeps on giving. The principal remains intact and only a percentage of the earned income is used annually by the Music Library. The Music Library has four existing Endowments that can be contributed to:

  • Raymond Erickson Endowment (for Reference materials)
  • Claude V. Palisca Endowment (supporting all music acquisitions)
  • The Ursula Springer Choral Music Endowment
  • David S. Walker Endowment for Music Education

Additional endowments can be established for as little as $10,000 and can be used to support a subject of interest to the donor. Depending on size, endowments are named after their donors or the ones they wish to honor.

Listed below are some of the subject areas the Music Library hopes to establish endowments for:

  • Music theory
  • Musicology/music history
  • New music (to support the undergraduate and graduate composition programs)
  • Performance (further subdivided by division: winds, brass, strings, keyboard, percussion, voice)
  • Jazz

If you are interested in establishing an endowment fund or contributing to an existing fund, please contact the Queens College Office of Development, 718-997-3790.


Individuals may wish to make a deferred gift to the Queens College Library, gift by will, trust, gift annuity, life insurance, real estate, or stocks. Assistance is available for legal and tax questions regarding bequests. Please contact the Queens College Office of Development (718-997-3790).

Donating Books, Scores, Recordings, or Music Collections

The Music Library welcomes donations of books, scores, compact discs, and DVDs. We cannot pick up donations, so please bring your donation to the Music Library during regular business hours.


For more information contact

Music Library Services


Multimedia Services

Listening & Viewing Stations

In addition to our computers, which are capable of playing CDs and DVDs, the Music Library also has a number of listening stations that allow patrons to listen to cassettes and LPs. These listening and viewing stations are located on the bottom floor. There is one tape deck, two LP players, and two VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray players. Patrons can check out headphones at the circulation desk or use their own.

Microform Reader/Printer

Microfilm and microfiche can be read, scanned, and printed in the Music Library. A machine that reads and prints from both microfilm and microfiche is located on the main floor. A QCard (college ID) is required to pay for scans or copies. To add money to your ID, go to the QCard Office.

Collections & Equipment

CD, DVD, LP, and VHS Collections

The Music Library has a collection of 10,000 LPs, over 10,000 CDs, over 100 DVDs, and 140 VHS videos. All can be located in the CUNY Catalog. Circulating CDs (indicated by “Circ CD” in front of the call number) circulate for seven days, while non-circulating recordings (e.g. recordings on reserve, Schwarz CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes) can only be used in the Music Library. To check out recordings, take the call numbers of the recordings you want and validated ID to the circulation desk. You can also check out headphones to listen to or view non-circulating recordings in our media center/listening area.

Loan Periods

Circ CDs1 week
Schwarz CD1 week
Videos4 hours
DVDs4 hours
LPs3 hours

Macbooks may be checked out by currently enrolled Queens College students for five hours at a time. The Music Library does not have PC laptops. Please go to the Benjamin Rosenthal Library for PC laptops.

Computers and Printing

circulating technology

Macbooks, iPads, iPod Touches, and Tripods may be checked out by currently enrolled Queens College students. The Music Library does not have PC laptops. Please go to the Benjamin Rosenthal Library for PC laptops.

Loan Period
Macbook – 5 hours
iPad, iPod Touch, Tripod – 7 days
Overdue Fees
Macbook – $15 per hour per item (including bag, mouse, charger, etc.) with a maximum fine of $360
iPad, iPod Touch, Tripod – $15 per hour per item (including bag, charger, etc.) with a maximum fine of $140
Replacement Fees
Current actual price of a new laptop and/or charger similar to the loaned laptop in terms of quality, durability, and performance

Patrons will sign a laptop agreement indicating that they understand and agree to comply with the policies and procedures of the Music Library.

The patron must bring the laptop and charger to the Music Library. Laptops will not be renewed if there are no other laptops available for loan at the return time. Laptop must be checked in one hour prior to closing.

For more information contact


Print jobs may be initiated from any college workstation in the Music Library, including the laptops circulated by the Music Library.

  • The pay-to-print station is located on the bottom floor.
  • The photocopier is located on the main floor of the Music Library in the copy room and makes 8½ x 11 and 8½ x 14 copies and scan materials to an email inbox free of charge.

Printing is not free in the Music Library. Current students, staff, and faculty can print items from any computer in the Music Library to the pay-to-print station. You will be required to create a password to retrieve your materials at the pay-to-print station. Once you have sent materials to the printer, you will need to log into the pay-to-print station with the password you created and pay using your QC ID prior to receiving your printed materials. A QCard (college ID) or a Print Card (for non QC patrons), which can be purchased at the QCard Office in the One Stop Center, is required to pay for printing.

The photocopier also uses QCards (college ID) to pay for copies. To add money to your ID, go to the QCard Office.


The Music Library holds almost 1,300 reels of microfilm and 6,000 microcards. These include back issues of periodicals, doctoral dissertations, musicological and theoretical treatises, and other miscellaneous items. All microform materials are indicated by an MF or MC in front of the call number. These are located in special files near the circulation desk. Please ask for microfiche or microfilm materials at the circulation desk.

Music Acquisition Requests

If there is a book, score, recording, or video you would like to see included in the Music Library collection, please use the Music Acquisition Request Form:

For more information contact

Music Library

Coronavirus Update–March 23, 2020

The Music Library is closed until further notice.

For online research consultations and requests for online classroom instruction, please contact Christopher Bruhn at

The book sale scheduled for Thursday, April 2, has been postponed indefinitely.

Watch this space for updates as they become necessary.

Stay well, everyone!

Queens College Music LibraryPart of the Queens College Libraries and housed in the Aaron Copland School of Music, the Queens College Music Library has evolved into a first-class research facility and is the largest music collection in the CUNY system. The Music Library is located on two levels in the Aaron Copland School of Music and contains over 35,000 scores, 30,000 books and 20,000 sound recordings as well as a computer lab, book scanner, and circulating laptops and iPads. The reference collection, including complete works of composers and monuments of music, is one of the best in the New York City area. Special Collections, in the Benjamin Rosenthal Library, holds the Karol Rathaus Archives, the K. Robert Schwarz Papers, and the Leo Kraft Papers.

Location & Contact

Music Building, Room 225
65-30 Kissena Boulevard
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(tel) 718-997-3900
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