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Music Library Services

Collections & Equipment

CD, DVD, LP, and VHS Collections

The Music Library has a collection of 10,000 LPs, over 10,000 CDs, over 100 DVDs, and 140 VHS videos. All can be located in the CUNY Catalog. Circulating CDs (indicated by “Circ CD” in front of the call number) circulate for seven days, while non-circulating recordings (e.g. recordings on reserve, Schwarz CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes) can only be used in the Music Library. To check out recordings, take the call numbers of the recordings you want and validated ID to the circulation desk. You can also check out headphones to listen to or view non-circulating recordings in our media center/listening area.

Loan Periods

Circ CDs 1 week
Schwarz CD 1 week
Videos 4 hours
DVDs 4 hours
LPs 3 hours


Macbooks (the Music Library does not have PC laptops) may be checked out by currently enrolled Queens College students for five hours at a time.


iPads may be loaned out to currently enrolled Queens College students for seven days at a time.

iPod Touch

An iPod Touch may be loaned out to currently enrolled Queens College students for three days at a time.


Headphones and adapters may be loaned out to currently enrolled Queens College students for three hours at a time


Tripods may be loaned out to currently enrolled Queens College students for seven days at a time.


The Music Library hold almost 1,300 reels of microfilm and 6,000 microcards. These include back issues of periodicals, doctoral dissertations, musicological and theoretical treatises, and other miscellaneous items. All microform materials are denoted by an MF or MC in front of the call number. These are located in special files near the circulation desk. Please ask for microfiche or microfilm materials at the circulation desk.


Multimedia Services

Listening & Viewing Stations

In addition to our computers, which are all capable of playing CDs and DVDs, the Music Library also has a number of listening stations that allow patrons to listen to cassettes and LPs. These listening and viewing stations are located on the bottom floor. There are two tape decks, two LP players, and two VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray players. Patrons can check out headphones at the circulation desk or use their own.

Group Viewing & Study Room

The Group Viewing and Study Room is located on the bottom floor in room 125a. This room has the ability to utilize all mediums of audio and video for group instruction and study. A member of the Music Library staff must unlock the door for patrons to use the room. To keep noise pollution in the rest of the library to a minimum, patrons must use the wireless headphones provided for use in the room. At the present time, eight headphones are available.

Microform Reader/Printer

Microfilm and microfiche can be read, scanned, and printed in the Music Library. A machine that reads and prints from both microfilm and microfiche is located on the main floor. A Q-Card (college ID) is required to pay for scans or copies. To add money to your ID, go to the Q-Card Office.


Music Acquisition Requests

If there is a book, score, recording, or video you would like to see included in the Music Library collection, please use the Music Acquisition Request Form.


Online Exhibits

Exhibit in Three Movements

Sketches — A Musician's Hand


This exhibit explores the many connotations of the word “sketch” and its varied intersections with the field of music, including the seeds of musical ideas put to paper, short descriptive compositions, and the visual arts of drawing and painting.

The Music Building at 20 and Other Milestones


The 2011–2012 school year is one of exciting milestones for the Aaron Copland School of Music. This exhibit reflects back on the twentieth anniversary of the Music Building, the thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of the Aaron Copland School of Music, and Professor Emeritus Joel Mandelbaum's fiftieth year on the faculty at Queens College.

Louis Armstrong — Citizen of Queens, Citizen of the World

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong lived in Corona from 1943 until his death, and embraced the neighborhood and the people in it. He also took same warmth and kindness on his travels, earning him the nickname “Ambassador Satch”. This exhibit takes a cursory glance at his life in Corona and his travels abroad.

Aaron Copland School of Music: Past, Present, and Future

The inaugural exhibit of the Queens College Music Library, showcasing various aspects of the rich history of the Aaron Copland School of Music, “Past, Present, and Future” includes materials from the Music Library collection as well as photographs, rare books and scores, archival materials, and other artifacts from the history of the department. This catalog provides a general overview of the exhibit, including images of the exhibit's highlights.

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