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Music Library Giving

Private donations from alumni, members of the Queens College community, and the wider community provide much needed support for the Music Library. Donations of any amount are helpful and allow us to purchase more materials for the Music Library collections (such as scores, books on music, recordings, reference materials, facsimiles, etc.). For donations given in honor or memory of someone, the name(s) of the donor or the honoree will be included in the record in the CUNY Catalog and the donor will receive a letter acknowledging the donation.

Anyone who donates $50 or more to the Library through the Friends of the Library is entitled to borrowing privileges for one year.

There are several ways to donate to the Music Library: through the Head of the Music Library or the Queens College Foundation. To give directly to the Music Library, contact Dr. Jennifer Oates for more information (718-997-3901). Visit the Queens College Foundation for Giving Opportunities to make a donation online with a credit card or for additional options.



An endowment is a permanent gift that keeps on giving. The principal remains intact and only a percentage of the earned income is used annually by the Music Library. The Music Library has two existing Endowments that can be contributed to:

  • Raymond Erickson Endowment (for Reference materials)
  • Claude V. Palisca Endowment (supporting all music acquisitions)
  • The Ursula Springer Choral Music Endowment
  • David S. Walker Endowment for Music Education

Additional endowments can be established for as little as $10,000 and can be used to support a subject of interest to the donor. Depending on size, endowments are named after their donors or the ones they wish to honor.

Listed below are some of the subject areas the Music Library hopes to establish endowments for:

  • Music theory
  • Musicology/music history
  • New music (to support the undergraduate and graduate composition programs)
  • Performance (further subdivided by division: winds, brass, strings, keyboard, percussion, voice)
  • Jazz

If you are interested in establishing an endowment fund or contributing to an existing fund, please contact Dr. Jennifer Oates in the Music Library (718-997-3901) or the Queens College Office of Development, 718-997-3790.


Gifts in Kind

Donating Books, Scores, Recordings, or Music Collections

Many people acquire fine private collections reflecting their professional interests, travel, research and hobbies. We encourage alums, faculty, and members of the community to donate the books, scores, recordings, and other music resources to enrich the Music Library collection and support the growing Aaron Copland School of Music curriculum and the wider CUNY community.

Due to the needs of the Music Library and space constraints, the following materials cannot be accepted:

  • books or scores in brittle condition or whose pages are brittle or damaged by water
  • material in formats outdated or not collected by the Library (e.g., LPs, audio-books)
  • periodicals (newspapers, magazines, journals, etc.)

All materials donated to the Queens College Libraries become its property. Gift materials not added to the collection may be sold, offered to other libraries, or disposed of at the Library’s discretion.

Gifts to the Queens College Libraries are tax-deductible. Please refer to the IRS for its policies on gift giving. Please note that appraisals are solely the responsibility of the donor. Donors considering a tax deduction who wish to have their collection appraised, must do so prior to making the donation because once the gift is received by the Library an appraisal CANNOT be accommodated.

A note in our online catalog will identify each book donated and added to the library's collection. Bookplates will be provided if the requested by the donor. Acknowledgement letters will be sent to the donor.

Please contact Dr. Jennifer Oates for more information (718-997-3901).



Individuals may wish to make a deferred gift to the Queens College Library, gift by will, trust, gift annuity, life insurance, real estate, or stocks. Assistance is available for legal and tax questions regarding bequests. Please contact the Queens College Office of Development (718-997-3790).

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