May is the end of our academic year, and the beginning of our ‘reboot’ towards a hopeful in-person experience in the Fall. For now we’re reflecting on what our audience have been engaging during this transitional month:

We cannot praise Make:able enough — you really should check out all the awesome work they do and the students they inspire!

We were happy to stumble upon IJAMM and are glad that others are as responsive and enthusiastic as we are about this making-focused academic journal!

The deadline for this opportunity has passed but shoutout to our parent institution for strategizing this upskilling program for COVID-dislocated New Yorkers – learn a new skill and improve your life!

another partner org we cannot praise enough: if you run a makerspace or are engaging hands-on/experiential learning, you should look up NACCE and see what they’re up to!

Just an interesting story about a very much IRL in-person company’s pivot to online during COVID – with awesome visuals to boot!