March was an odd…interesting month. It’s been one year since the COVID-19 pandemic struck our shores, our city, and our campus, and effectively shut down our on-site, in-person operation. But the flow of information does not stop, and so it’s interesting to reflect one what ‘bubbles up to the top’ during this crisis.

Totally glad to see our #1 tweet is the announcement of a podcast by our partners at MatterHackers – if the pandemic has highlighted anything it is alternative ways to consume (otherwise technical) information and this inaugural episode is chock full of interesting details about PLA! (We also believe that means MatterHackers has made it onto our list the last 3 months in a row!)

We’re equally glad to see our second most-trafficked tweet is the completion of our first 4 (of hopefully many more) ‘grab-n-go’ stations to accommodate a post-COVID makerspace environment. 

A year ago we never would have thought this would be news…but here we are. One of our sister colleges providing over 100k vaccinations in 20 days – go team!

Our own student newspaper also made the pivot to online everything – and they’re on point as always with their topics of conversation & reporting.

Definitely a gratuitous finish – and no complaints from us! This tool is just cool – very useful, and the kind of thing we could have used decades ago 😤🥳