In June classes were over and you’d think things would be slow…but our top 2 tweets alone totaled nearly 24,000 impressions and tons of engagement thanks to retweets by Internet Archive and clever hashtagging for infosec and defcon-watchers.

We 💗 the Internet Archive and they heart us back by retweeting this wonderful tweet about their CDL (Controlled Digital Lending) initiatives. #TMYK!

Our second top tweet had just under 12,000 impressions – it’s an excellent interview with @_sn0ww – read it!

It feels good when you’re 3rd most popular tweet is both something in your own metaphorical backyard (the borough of Queens) and also something you passionately believe more people should know about – the Lews Latimer House!

it also feels good when you’re 4th most popular tweet is simply an update to a blog post – but about something really, really important to New Yorkers and the world!

spreading the 3D-printing gospel, our 5th and final most popular tweet of June was about our friends at Construct3DConf and the awesome work they do there.