February came and went (it’s a short month after all) but that didn’t stop us from tweetin’! (It also snowed a LOT, but we digress.) Here are some choice (and good to see) results from the month of February:

Always nice to see empathy (along with assistive tech, we’d argue) at the top of any #TopTweets list 🙂

It’s also always nice to see something tech-not-tech related at the top of any #TopTweets list – like this birding tweet!

The filesystem is the backbone of any operating system, and understanding them is key to understanding how any OS manages its…filesystem!

MatterHackers makes it into the #4 slot in our monthly roundup two months in a row – this time with a loading and unloading roundup of “3D Printing Essentials” – like we say, “Totally!”