Built with an Adafruit CRICKIT for Circuit Playground Express, designed in SketchUp, and printed on a MakerBot Z18 3D-printer, this project by seniors Shifa Htut (Economics) & Zack Friedman (Drama & Theater) combines fabrication, electronics, design, and programming skills into a self-watering flower pot project!

The soil sensor tells the Circuit Playground Express when the moisture level in the soil is low, kicking in the CRICKIT (housed underneath the plant pot) to power the peristaltic pump to push water from the reservoir up to supply the plant with H2O. An overflow pool catches any runoff, keeping the plant 🌱🌿 perfectly🚰 hydrated 😊

Watch the video below for a timelapse build including some great steps layering up the plant pot in SketchUp – we also love that cutout notch for the terminal block.

(TIP: turn your speakers UP for some good jams while watching the timelapse build!)