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Faculty & Staff Directory

Acquisitions 718-997-3727
Administration 718-997-3760
Art Library/Art Center 718-997-3770
Bibliographic Access 718-997-3722
Borrowing 718-997-3702
Collections Management 718-997-3730
Instructional Services 718-997-3747
Multimedia 718-997-3712
Music Library 718-997-3900
Research Services 718-997-3701
Special Collections and Archives 718-997-3650
Systems 718-997-3742
Web Services 718-997-3777
ABDUL, Salina College Office Assistant RO109A 718-997-3919
ARMAO, Nancy Higher Education Assistant RO318A 718-997-3760
BONIFACIO, Hodalis College Office Assistant RO201 718-997-3720
CHAN, Frances College Office Assistant RO201 718-997-3727
CHITTY, Arthur Ben Library Systems Officer,
Higher Education Associate
RO214 718-997-3742
CVETKOVIC, Aleksandra Adjunct Acquisitions Librarian RO208 718-997-3727
DELGADO, Aldo College Office Assistant RO417A 718-997-3699
DIAZ, Angelica College Office Assistant RO201 718-997-3750
DuBOIS, Paul Adjunct Reference Librarian RO306 718-997-3732
ENG, Keith College Office Assistant RO302 718-997-4284
FOASBERG, Nancy Humanities Librarian,
Coordinator of Instructional Services,
Assistant Professor
RO348 718-997-3751
GANDHI, Subash Sciences Librarian,
Associate Professor
RO345 718-997-3674
GOLDEN, Alyssa Electronic Resources Librarian RO307 718-997-3725
GOMEZ, Ronnie Catalog Librarian,
RO201 718-997-3722
HADA, Kushal Web Services Technician,
College Assistant
RO305 718-997-3679
HART, Kristin Chief Librarian,
Associate Dean
RO322 718-997-3760
KASPARIAN, Sevastoula College Assistant RO601 718-997-3770
KUSLAN, James Adjunct Reference Librarian RO306 718-997-3732
LaFICHI, Grace College Office Assistant RO318 718-997-3760
LI, Suzanne Education Librarian,
Assistant Professor
RO312 718-997-3774
LUPIA, Luann Adjunct Instructor RO224 718-997-3747
MANALAC, Rudy Information Systems Assistant RO218 718-997-3743
MANSFIELD, Richard Adjunct Reference Librarian RO306 718-997-3732
MARCU, Alida College Office Assistant RO306 718-997-7207
MARRERO, Christine Office Manager,
College Assistant
RO224 718-997-3747
McCOMISKEY, Maria College Office Assistant RO304 718-997-2997
MELLONE, James Tasato Social Sciences Librarian,
Associate Professor
RO326 718-997-3623
OATES, Dr. Jennifer Head of Music Library,
Associate Professor
MU225B 718-997-3901
REMECZKI, Paul Assistant Art Librarian RO601 718-997-3770
REYES, David College Office Assistant RO109A 718-997-3697
ROLLINS, Andre College Office Assistant RO302 718-997-2988
ROSENBERG, Kenneth Acquisitions Librarian,
RO201B 718-997-3721
SAMUELS, David Information Systems Associate RO213 718-997-3744
SANTORA, Mary College Office Assistant RO302 718-570-0402
SANUDO, Manuel Education & Social Sciences Librarian,
Assistant Professor
RO311 718-997-3769
SCHULTZ, Donna College Office Assistant RO601 718-997-3773
SCOBBO, Faithe Ann Adjunct Instructor RO224 718-997-3747
SHARMA, Upma College Office Assistant RO302 718-997-3708
SILVERMAN, Evelyn Adjunct Government Documents Librarian RO350 718-570-0596
SIMOR, Dr. Suzanna Head of the Art Library,
Associate Professor
RO603 718-997-3771
SULTANA, Zinnat Adjunct Reference Librarian RO306 718-997-3732
SWENSEN, Dr. Rolf Professor RO322 718-997-3675
TALER, Izabella Library & Information Studies Librarian,
Internship Coordinator,
Associate Professor
RO314 718-997-3776
TAM, Tina Assistant to the Head of the Music Library,
Assistant Higher Education Officer
MU225 718-997-3900
WALL, Edward Business Research & Instruction Librarian
RO342 718-997-3673
WILLIAMS, Dave Web & Digital Services Librarian,
RO308 718-997-3777
YEARWOOD, Simone Access Services Librarian,
Assistant Professor
RO327 718-997-3685

For more information contact:

Nancy Armao
Library Administration, 718-997-3760


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