Workshop: Open Publishing with Manifold Press


Join us on December 10 at 2pm for a workshop on Manifold, CUNY’s very own open-source publishing platform! During our time together you will learn how Manifold is being used across our 25 campuses and become familiar with different course models for using Manifold in your classroom. You will also learn how to create a project on Manifold, add texts and multi-media resources to a project, create a reading group, and learn how to annotate and place resources in a text.

This workshop is open to the QC community and coincides with the final event in the OER Faculty Fellowship Seminar Series for Fall 2021. The OER Faculty Fellowship trains QC faculty to find, adapt, and use open and zero-textbook-cost course materials. To learn more about the fellowship, or apply for Spring 2022, visit the OER Faculty Fellowship website.

Author: Leila Walker

Leila Walker is the Emerging Technologies and Digital Scholarship Librarian. She holds a PhD in English from the CUNY Graduate Center and an MLIS from Queens College. Her research interests include the digital humanities, British romantic literature, pedagogy, scholarly editing, and the history of the book.