Queens Memory Project

Queens Memory is an ongoing program of Queens College and the Queens Public Library designed to collect stories, images and other evidence of life in the borough of Queens.

New: COVID-19 Project

The Queens Memory Covid-19 Project is a borough-wide archiving campaign to collect first person stories of life in the epicenter of the pandemic. We want to make a lasting record of how we are living, working, learning, and helping one another in Queens during this unprecedented time. Go to queenslib.org/covid to see all the ways you can contribute stories in any format you’d like – audio, text, video, photos and writing. Submissions will become part of the archives at Queens College and Queens Public Library and will be shared by our tech partner, the Urban Archive.

For more information or to get involved, contact Queens Memory Outreach Coordinator Lori Wallach at lori.wallach@qc.cuny.edu.