Currently on Exhibit

On display on the main (third) floor of the Benjamin Rosenthal Library next to the Charles J. Tanenbaum room.


Imported from City College, house plans played a significant role in QC social life from the 1950s to the 1970s. House plans were single-gender associations similar to fraternities and sororities, but less exclusive. Interested students could sign up in the fall semester at the Annual Central House Plan Tea & Smoker, which served as a showcase of available options. To rush a plan, you subsequently attended its individual tea or smoker—tobacco wouldn’t be banned on campus for decades—and either joined or didn’t. At one point or another, more than 70 houses were active on campus, hosting everything from dances and intramural sports to talent shows and concerts. The Central House Plan also sponsored events such as a champagne ball and a partially-subsidized trip to an off-Broadway show. This exhibit features a variety of house plan related ephemera from the archives, from pins to brochures to sweatshirts. Materials generously donated by Richard Branciforte, Paul Cohen, Susan Glaser, Reva Levy, Ellen Weingart, and Norman Schwartz. Exhibit curated by Daniel Brenner, Archivist.